LEADING Media proDigi

How do you plan and implement digital campaigns? Many media agencies still work with complicated Excel sheets and macros. This requires additional interfaces and makes the processes susceptible to errors.

LEADING Media proDigi covers the entire workflow of digital media planning. Starting with audience planning, through buying to billing, you can handle all steps of your digital campaigns in one tool.

Professional tool for digital campaigns = /ˈprɒdɪdʒi/

We wanted to develop a professional tool for digital campaign planning. This is also how the product name "proDigi" came about. Since the abbreviation reminded us of one of our favorite bands, it is also pronounced like this: /ˈprɒdɪdʒi/

Reliability and security of LEADING Media

You benefit from the usual reliability and security of LEADING Media, without any detours via Excel sheets and macros. Plan and charge all common online advertising formats* with proDigi. Customer conditions from the master data are automatically taken into account and can no longer be overlooked. And all this is integrated into the stable platform with which you already handle your analog campaigns smoothly.

One-stop store for your digital campaigns

Media planning is a demanding business. Every minute that doesn't have to be spent switching between different programs counts, every click that is saved when copying between campaigns, agencies and customers.

proDigi's efficient user interface provides interactive access to all elements of your digital campaigns. You reduce your manual tasks and eliminate sources of error. Secure, integrated, and connected.

Digital KPIs under control

Especially important for digital leads in media agencies: proDigi can integrate target group data already in the planning phase. An interface has already been implemented for Austrian audience reach data, and this is also possible for data from Switzerland and Germany. This allows you to log the most important KPIs (reach in %, GRP and OTS) for each digital campaign right away.

Available by the end of 2021

The new digital campaign tool will be available to all new customers at the end of 2021. Media agencies already working with LEADING Media have the option of activating digital campaign planning earlier.

Free trial month without obligation

You want to test proDigi free of charge? Then register for it now. We have summarized all the advantages of the free trial month for you.


 *Banner, Google Ads, Youtube, OoH, Tiktok, adressable TV...


What Only We Can Do: Digital & Classic

If you work with proDigi, you can also access all the classic functions of the LEADING Media media buying software. So you can handle digital campaigns just as cleanly and reliably as TV, print, radio and OoH campaigns. 

Unlike other tools on the market, you can also use it to handle cost estimates, supplier invoices, client invoices, and reporting.

And you can manage all conditions for digital and classic channels in one place, including bilateral discount agreements.

Learn more about the classic media purchasing and billing function of LEADING Media.



proDigi's List of Features

The following functions are available with the new tool:

  • In proDigi's Digital Media Plan, you work with all the parameters that are used as standard in digital campaigns.
  • By integrating the current target group data, proDigi shows you the most important KPIs (reach in %, GRP and OTS) for each position of your campaign. This way, you always have the potential advertising impact of your campaign fully under control.
  • You benefit from numerous export options to the interfaces you use (client mediaplan, production plan, adserver briefing, Adverity reporting system, Mercury...)
  • With the smart target value search, you can interactively try out scenarios of a digital campaign and immediately see how this affects the budget and spread plan.
  • Interactive Grid: Edit all dispos with cursor clicks, while spreading plan and budget are updated simultaneously
  • Terms and conditions of customers from master data are automatically applied in the campaigns.
  • Technical costs are calculated in % based on volume.
  • With the automatic matching of supplier invoices with the corresponding orders, you have full control in the approval process.
  • How efficient was your campaign? Determine that easily with the automatic collection of ex post values.

Curious? Watch the Trailer Videos!

  • Create a Digital Campaign

    With a few clicks you can create a new campaign. In the process, all the necessary parameters of digital advertising campaigns are available to you.

  • Automated Monthly Split

    Do you want to invoice your digital campaigns, which run over several months, on an monthly basis? With proDigi you can do an automated monthly split with just a few clicks.

  • Modify a Campaign with the Interactive Grid

    proDigi's new Interactive grid allows you to make changes effortlessly while immediately seeing their impact. Edit all dispos with cursor movements while the spread plan and budget are running.

  • Smart Target Value Search

    In proDigi, a smart target value search is also available for the campaign budget. Whether a residual budget is to be used up or an upper limit should not be exceeded, the positions can be automatically adjusted to the budget.

Register for Free Trial Month Now

Starting in September 2021, we will be able to launch proDigi digital campaign planning in LEADING Media for our existing customers. For all new customers, proDigi will be available by Q4 2021.


Free trial month - after that you decide

You want to test proDigi free of charge? Are you wondering whether proDigi is right for your agency? Then register now for the trial period in September.

Your advantages:

  • Test opportunity as soon as possible
  • No commitment thanks to free cancellation at the end of the trial period


The early bird offer is valid up to and including May 31, 2021. The free trial month can only be claimed in combination with the early bird bonus.


How Digital Campaign Planning Works with LEADING Media proDigi

  • Easy as that: Creating a Digital Media Campaign

    Your job as a media planner and buyer is demanding: From often non-existent customer briefings, the identification of media measures based on existing marketing objectives and channel selection based on target group analysis to the final cost plan, it is often a long way. proDigi supports your work, where Excel spreadsheets & macros reach their limits. You want to know how to create easyily a media and costing plan in proDigi? And which parameters you can choose from? That's what this blog post is all about.

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  • All my Interfaces

    The smoother the workflows in the company, the better the performance. Each tool used for this purpose is only as good as the interfaces in the IT architecture permit. In LEADING Media proDigi, a number of connections are already configured so that all systems work optimally together.

    More information about the connectivity of LEADING Media proDigi coming soon on this page.

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  • Curious about what else proDigi can do?

    In our blog we regularly present further features of proDigi in detail!

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