Customised Software for Consulting Businesses: A Comparison of the 14 Leading Providers

As a management consultant, you are used to streamlining your clients' processes, also with the help of specialised software solutions, you regularly shed light on the business jungle, put your fingers in the pain points of CEOs and CFOs and start the healing process, whether it's scaling up or shrinking back to health. You reduce costs, maximise the efficiency of resources and take care of the implementation of technology solutions.

But who takes care of this in your consulting company? Are you dissatisfied with the many different software solutions you are using? Do you think there must be a better way?

You're absolutely right!

In this article, we'll show you why management consultants benefit from specialised software and give you tips on selecting & implementing the right software for your consulting company. And the final market overview of ERP software providers for management consultants will help you decide which software solution is right for your needs.


Why Consulting Businesses Need Specialised Software

In order to manage their processes, management consultants and auditors often work with a conglomerate of different software island solutions or repeatedly reach their limits with IT solutions they have developed themselves.

Challenges in business consulting

As an experienced management consultant, you know best where the pain points are in your industry: customer acquisition and retention are a constant battle. Competition is intense and customers expect customised solutions and a high degree of flexibility. Projects must be completed on time and within budget. In resource management, optimising the allocation of consultants to projects based on availability and skills is also a major challenge. You can also only ensure a stable financial situation through precise invoicing, budget control and cost management. Without knowledge management, the wheel is constantly reinvented and innovative solutions fall by the wayside. And last but not least, consulting companies have to fulfil numerous compliance requirements and manage risks.

Software Business Consulting: The Importance of Customised ERP Software

ERP software tailored specifically to the consulting industry can manage all activities in a management consultancy in a targeted manner and helps to save time, money and resources. It integrates CRM functionalities to improve lead generation and customer relations, offers specialised project management tools for efficient project monitoring, optimises resource allocation through automated planning functions and facilitates financial management through real-time monitoring of income and expenditure.

It also supports knowledge management through modules for internal information sharing and promotes compliance and risk management through appropriate compliance and risk assessment functions. By automating and optimising these processes, consulting firms can reduce their operating costs, increase productivity and improve their competitiveness.



Tips for Selecting & Implementing the Right Software for Your Consulting Company

A careful approach is crucial when selecting and implementing the right software for your consulting company.

Analysis of Business Requirements

Start with a thorough analysis of business requirements to understand exactly which functions are essential for your organisation. Consider specific needs such as project management, CRM, resource planning and financial management. Create a detailed specification of the necessary functions. The best way to do this is to conduct interviews with key stakeholders in your company, from individual consultants to the accounting department and the CFO. Who all should work with the software? Which software should be replaced and which should be integrated via interfaces? How do your business processes currently work? Where is there potential for optimisation? Also prioritise the items on your requirements list according to must-haves, nice-to-haves and optional extras. This will make it easier for you to make the right choice later on.

Evaluation of Software Options

With the requirements specification in hand, you then carry out an evaluation of all available software options. Are there partner companies that are already satisfied with ERP software? Which software solutions are recommended by interest groups? What results does a Google search return? We have compiled a list of the leading providers of ERP software specifically for management consultants for you below.

Pay attention to user-friendliness, scalability, customer support and integration options. The best insight into what software for consultants can do is provided by a guided demo. In contrast to a pure online demo, you have the opportunity for direct interaction, open questions can be clarified immediately and companies often benefit from a transfer of knowledge from the software experts. Based on your requirements and the market research, you now select the provider whose software best suits the needs of your management consultancy.

Pilot Phases and Test Runs

It is advisable to first implement the software on a limited scale in the pilot phase before rolling it out to the entire company. Test all functionalities in close cooperation with the software provider's support team. This helps to recognise potential problems at an early stage and make any necessary adjustments.

Employee Training

Ensure that all employees are trained and can use the software effectively. A well-conducted training course minimises the familiarisation period and maximises productivity. It is also important that you have a dedicated contact person at the software manufacturer throughout the implementation process who is familiar with your way of working.

Support and maintenance

Finally, ongoing support and maintenance is essential. Make sure that your software provider offers reliable support and regular updates to ensure the performance and security of the software. Continuous monitoring and adaptation to changing business requirements will ensure that the ERP software provides long-term value to your consulting organisation.


Consulting software

Market Overview: ERP Software solutions for Consultanting Companies

In this market overview*, we have summarized the best all-in-one software solutions for management consulting. However, you will not find software for use in consulting projects, presentation tools, or security apps in this list. For a comprehensive description of features and further information, please refer to the respective providers.

  • Audius: Software & Consulting offers an industry solution for IT and consulting companies based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. With comprehensive CRM functionalities and industry-specific extensions, the solution supports the entire sales and project management process.
  • CAS Consulting is a CRM industry solution that optimizes customer management across all business areas. With over 500,000 users worldwide, the software offers excellent ergonomics and flexible integration capabilities.
  • ConAktiv Consult offers a software solution with features such as CRM, new customer acquisition, and project management specifically for consulting companies. Custom adaptations and various licensing models enable flexible usage.
  • Esker offers a global cloud platform for automating the cash conversion cycle, making finance and customer service departments more efficient. The platform supports the automation of order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes and seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems.
  • LAS offers a software solution with ERP and CRM modules for consulting companies that can be individually customized. The software supports the complete project workflow and is specialized for IT service providers and management consultants.
  • M-Files offers a metadata-driven document management platform that supports various industries, including management consulting. The platform improves consistency, reduces errors, and promotes better collaboration.
  • PACS Software offers project controlling and project ERP software specifically for consulting companies. The software includes features for project management, planning, and billing, and can be used in the PACS Cloud or in-house IT infrastructure.
  • Poool Enterprise is a cloud-based ERP software that supports agencies and knowledge service providers. The software integrates all business processes and offers free and unlimited support.
  • Projectfacts offers an all-in-one software for management consulting with features like time tracking, CRM, and HR management. The flexible assignment of consultants to projects and consideration of individual competencies are notable features. The software specializes in IT companies, agencies (further: Agency Software), and management consulting firms.
  • Scopevisio offers cloud-based business software for various industries, including management consulting. With broad functionality and comprehensive service, Scopevisio is one of the leading providers of cloud-based ERP software.
  • Vertec offers an integrated business software solution for various industries, including management consulting. The software enables seamless integration of CRM and order processing.
  • vemas.NET CON offers a comprehensive ERP solution for management consultants and auditors with features like CRM, ERP, and project management. The software supports unified appointment management and seamless integration with Microsoft Office.
  • weclapp offers cloud ERP software for small and medium-sized enterprises with packages for CRM, inventory management, and accounting. The ability to use the software as a server solution and certifications like ISO 27001 underscore the reliability and security of the solution.

Our Recommendation for Consultants: LEADING Job

LEADING Job is also a comprehensive all-in-one software solution that is specially tailored to the requirements of consultants. This includes tools for customer management, project acquisition and management, time recording, capacity planning and utilisation management, invoicing and accounting through to project controlling and reporting.

What makes LEADING Job different from the software solutions listed above? Most other software solutions on the market have a modular structure and have to be purchased separately. With LEADING Job, all functions are included right from the start. This means that customers have immediate access to the full range of management functions without having to buy additional modules:


Software for consulting companies
  • Complete customisation options enable individual adaptations to meet specific requirements.
  • Seamless integration into existing software architectures thanks to numerous interfaces.
  • Stable availability both on desktop and mobile thanks to web-based cloud solution, optionally also installable locally.
  • Free support by phone, chat and email, with no additional charges per enquiry.
  • Continuity of contact persons in support ensures efficient processing of enquiries.
  • Automatic provision of new functions after updates at no additional cost.
  • Experience in dealing with customers from the corporate or public sector also ensures the highest standards of audit and IT security.
  • Diverse customer portfolio, ranging from consultants to design and media agencies to IT service providers, ensuring a sound introduction of the software.

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Our articles are carefully researched and compiled. The content listed in the provider overview is based on publicly available information from the respective provider websites as of 10 June 2024. Please note that the overview does not contain a complete list of all available providers on the market, but only focuses on the leading software providers for management consultants, The offers of the software providers can change at any time. We assume no liability for the topicality, completeness and correctness of the information.