Discover LEADING Job: Your Trusted Agency Software Partner in Poland

At Qualiant, we've been leading the way in providing software solutions tailored specifically and loclafor advertising and media agencies in Poland. With over 30 years of experience, we've proudly served renowned clients like:

  • LOWE GGK (now Mullenlowe)
  • PanMedia
  • Young & Rubicam Poland
  • Ogilvy
  • Carat (now Dentsu)
  • J. Walter Thompson

Our track record speaks for itself. We've been trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry to deliver software solutions that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive success.

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How LEADING Job Boosts Your Agency Efficiency

LEADING Job helps you master all the daily challenges and make your everyday work easier. Whether it's planning resources, team communication or accounting - only with the best agency software that specifically addresses your needs will you have everything under control and be able to concentrate on the essentials: Your creativity and your clients.

  • Efficient cross-location collaboration: LEADING Job offers multi-level and automated approval processes, an integrated communication tool, and multilingual support (available in English and German), ensuring seamless collaboration across all locations.
  • Simplifying tax and accounting compliance: LEADING Job simplifies tax compliance through integration of local tax regulations and features for easy invoicing tailored to Polish requirements.
  • Optimized resource planning: LEADING Job provides tools like the Employee Workload widget, Project Status widget, and Team Overview for comprehensive resource management, ensuring optimal resource allocation and project satisfaction.
  • Fastest Timesheet: Select the time-tracking method that best fits your agency's requirements, whether it's the lightning-fast and efficient 3-click time sheets, the user-friendly stopwatch method, or the convenient weekly time sheets.
  • Compliance and data security: LEADING Job ensures compliance with strict European security guidelines and offers options for installation in the company's data center for added control. Features like rights management and data change logging further enhance compliance, providing peace of mind for agencies dealing with regulatory challenges by international clients.
  • Coming soon: AI-supported mass data processing. Automated import of supplier invoices is on the roadmap for 2024.


You Have to See This!

Schedule a demo today and see how LEADING Job can support your business operations. Our team will work with you to develop a customised solution that meets your agency's unique needs.



5 Steps to Implementation

  • Pflichtenheft abschicken

    Where do you want to go?

    Determine goals & requirements profile

    1 Week

  • Präsentationstermin / Pitch bei Ihnen vor Ort

    All aboard!

    Presentation of the proposed solution

    2 Weeks

  • Angebotslegung & Auftrag

    Let's get going

    Receive & accept our offer

    3 Weeks

  • Customization

    Full steam ahead!

    Introductional support & customization

    4 Weeks

  • On time at your destination

    Agency and software are ready to go

    2 Months

Time for a Change!

Loyalty is good, change is better! If your existing software solutions do not (any longer) meet your challenges, a change to LEADING Job is now twice as worthwhile!

+ Loyalty bonus 1 year -10%

+ Loyalty bonus 3 years -25%

+ Infidelity bonus -50%

When changing from old software to LEADING Job, we credit half the invoice amount on presentation of the last annual account.


Why Customers Love LEADING Job

  • TBWA and Qualiant are partners for more than 17 years now. Their agency software LEADING Job, as well as their always available team are unmatched in terms of quality and professionalism. But their most important „super power" is that they can easily adjust their software to our specific needs, which enables us to follow precisely all our business processes and save time and money."

    Boris Rogan, Managing Director at Luna/TBWA Zagreb

  • The project management and time recording features enable us to keep a sane head in the ever competitive environment of advertising agencies. We are using the software now for over 12 years and it accompanied us through the merger with VMLY&R. It proved to be always reliable."

    Florina Voevod, Finance Director at VMLY&R COMMERCE Romania

  • More than a hundred employees work for us under one roof. As a network agency, we are subject to strict guidelines regarding approval processes, audits and compliance. When we moved into the WPP Campus, we introduced LEADING Job across all agencies. This enabled us to fulfil all the requirements of a network agency in terms of workflow and audit processes. What do I particularly appreciate as CFO? The fact that we can use it to track our expenses properly. And how user-friendly the mass approval process is."


    Lukáš Vaculík, CFO of Ogilvy Czech

How to Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency in No Time at All

  • Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Management by Dashboard

    You have to deal with lots of information every day. Some with priority level "the roof is on fire", some with priority level "there's still time until next year" and all the shades of grey in between. LEADING Job shows you in the dashboard only what is relevant to you at that moment.

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  • Help, we're changing!

    Everything new in the agency. New structures, new locations, new departments. However, the many different and sometimes error-prone processes have remained the same. This is exactly where LEADING Job offers a solid solution!

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  • How I Learned to Love Multi-project Management

    Does this sound familiar? The flapping of a butterfly's wings in a project triggers a hurricane elsewhere in the agency and any conventional project management software reaches its limits.

    LEADING Job ensures that all tasks are assigned to the available team members in the ideal order to complete all projects in the best possible way.


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