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LEADING Media – getting it done

Easy campaign management
Media buying is a highly demanding and time consuming process. That’s why Qualiant has created a toolkit which has quickly become the industry standard. LEADING Media is being used by more and more specialised media agencies, as well as creative agencies who do media work as an extra area of activity. All of the major agency networks now work with LEADING media in at least one of their markets.

LEADING Media lets you manage and control large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the size of a campaign budget, quick and reliable data processing is always vital. The most complicated media campaigns, covering a wide range of channels, can be executed with a minimum of fuss. Distribution and production plans, budgets and statistics can easily be exported and presented to the client.

Julien Witt, Managing Director, JBW Media“Precisely because we are a small, full-service media agency, we have used Qualiant from the beginning. Without LEADING Media, we simply wouldn’t be able to manage our volumes of work. And only Qualiant provides comprehensive rate card data. We are very satisfied with Qualiant and are happy to recommend them.”

Campaign costs at the click of a button
The analysis provided by LEADING Media will meet all of your requirements. The system monitors negotiated discounts, manages scanned samples and keeps track of orders. Make a booking in the LEADING MediaBase, and based on the medium, format and placement date the system automatically gives you the price, precise technical specifications for print and all deadlines for the production schedule.
LEADING Media is the key to profitable media buying

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