LEADING Media - The Market-leading Media Planning Tool in Austria and Switzerland

We know: Media buying is a tough job. We make it easier. That's why the top media agencies in Austria and Switzerland use LEADING Media for media buying and management. All network agencies already work with LEADING Media in at least one country.

Our booking and accounting software LEADING Media is made for number jugglers and media multi-taskers. In combination with the media tariff database LEADING Mediabase you can keep all the balls in the air, from price research to booking to invoicing, and ensure your media campaigns a bull's eye finish every time.

And if you need help with any step, we are there for you! Only with us can you directly and without detours access your personal LEADING Media Client Service. With our dedicated support team, all your issues concerning LEADING Media are in the best of hands.



LEADING Media at a Glance

  • Precise campaign handling: Larger agencies sometimes handle campaigns for tens of millions of euros - they cannot afford to make any mistakes. With LEADING Media, large amounts of data can be controlled and managed quickly and efficiently. The most complex campaigns - in all media types - are handled faultlessly.
  • Simplified customer communication: distribution plans, cost plans, production plans and statistics can be transmitted to customers without any problems.
  • Easy handling of media purchasing: LEADING Media can handle many tasks that would otherwise have to be performed manually. The system helps to monitor the annual agreements and the discounts based on them. You use it to manage scanned voucher copies as well as your orders.
  • Automated cost control: When booking via the LEADING Mediabase database, the system automatically determines the price, the exact technical specifications for the print documents as well as all deadlines such as closing dates for advertisements and print documents - based on the medium, format and date specified.

LEADING Media Makes Your Media Buying Profitable

In order to make media buying profitable, the agency or advertising department must be able to easily monitor its activities and maintain an overview at all times. No software does this as efficiently as LEADING Media.

Process optimization with automatic cost monitoring

LEADING Media ensures that legally binding bookings are only made after the customer has given his approval and the corresponding funds have been provided. Our software automatically checks whether the customer's order actually corresponds to the amount, whether the order complies with the internal credit limit, whether advance invoices have been issued and money has been received or whether there is any block.

Watching the media on their fingers

The software solution compares the incoming invoice of a medium with the previously placed order. The expected costs - no matter how detailed - are compared with the costs actually invoiced. LEADING Media thus protects the agency from incorrectly calculated incoming invoices - this saves money and trouble.

The best basis for negotiating buying conditions

In media buying, not only the buying volume but also the negotiation of buying conditions plays a major role. The better prepared the media experts are - i.e. the better edited their information is - the more advantageous is the basis for negotiation.

Here LEADING Media supports the experts with statistics of all relevant data, which can be generated easily and quickly from the system.

Profitable even on a small scale

Among the beneficiaries of the specialized media solution are not only the large media agencies, but also advertising departments or creative agencies that would like to support the client's media business "on the side" with the creative budget. The range of functions can be tailored to the size and needs of the agency, from the full-featured version for the largest media agencies to the lean core version for in-house media departments.

The Right Solution for Campaign Management, Media Purchasing, Media Planning, Billing and Cost Control

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