LEADING Job - Agency Software for the Communication and Design Industry

  • Made for the biggest projects: Our agency software LEADING Job is tailored down to the last detail to the needs of leading companies in the creative industry and can thus map the workflow and processes of agencies and communication companies, whether they specialise in digital, PR, design, branding, live marketing, dialogue or content marketing.
  • Successful delivery of projects even with headwinds: LEADING Job can do everything you expect from robust, intelligent and agile agency software. All employees who work with LEADING Job - from the smallest cog to the CFO - are always up to date in real time regarding project status, controlling and workload. In order to land a project precisely, it is sufficient to fix the deadline, LEADING Job will find the optimal way to get there for you.
  • No more wasting resources: The most expensive resource for agencies is usually working time. Economic success strongly depends on the intelligence of the process planning - with LEADING Job you ensure the optimal utilization of your employees. As an attorney for your projects our agency software runs tens of thousands of calculations in the background after each change in the project plan, so that all resources are deployed in real time where they are most effective for the company's success.

The strengths of LEADING Job lie where other solutions reach their limits. Let us go the way together!


What LEADING Job can do

  • It's all there: Agency software for quotation creation, project management, time recording, controlling, invoicing, reporting, workflow and resource planning
  • Always with you: Unlimited support by phone, chat & mail, update service included, training courses & workshops by arrangement
  • Adapts to you: Full customization for agile, international project work that saves time and money
    Web-based cloud solution: always stable on the desktop as well as on the move
  • Best Practice Solution: We have the painkiller to the painpoints of owners, managing directors and CFOs of the creative industry.
  • Risk-free testing: 3 months without commitment

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The Agency Software for Every Challenge

  • Help, we're changing!

    Everything new in the agency. New structures, new locations, new departments. However, the many different and sometimes error-prone processes have remained the same. This is exactly where LEADING Job offers a solid solution!

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  • When External Costs Threaten Liquidity

    An annoying topic for advertising agencies of any kind: The liquidity reserves of the agency are threatened by the pre-financing of external costs such as photo shoots, video shoots, etc.. LEADING Job offers a solution through defined interim invoices.

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  • Nightmare KSK Audit

    Who is afraid of the KSK audit? Nobody! But what if he comes? Then we run away! Doesn't have to be: With LEADING Job's knowledge of the industry, accounting pitfalls such as the artists' social security contribution in Germany are defused from the outset!

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Our 5-Step Timetable - Ready to Go in 2 Months:

  • Pflichtenheft abschicken

    Where do you want to go?

    Determine goals & requirements profile

    1 Week

  • Präsentationstermin / Pitch bei Ihnen vor Ort

    All aboard!

    Presentation of the proposed solution

    2 Weeks

  • Angebotslegung & Auftrag

    Let's get going

    Receive & accept our offer

    3 Weeks

  • Customization

    Full steam ahead!

    Introductional support & customization

    4 Weeks

  • On time at your destination

    Agency and software are ready to go

    2 Months

Time for a Change!

Loyalty is good, infidelity is better! If your existing software solutions do not (any longer) meet your challenges, a change to LEADING Job is now twice as worthwhile!

+ Loyalty bonus 1 year -10%

+ Loyalty bonus 3 year -25%

+ Infidelity bonus -50%

When changing from old software to LEADING Job, we credit half the invoice amount on presentation of the last annual account.

Why Customers Love LEADING Job

  • TBWA and Qualiant are partners for more than 17 years now. Their agency software LEADING Job, as well as their always available team are unmatched in terms of quality and professionalism. But their most important „super power" is that they can easily adjust their software to our specific needs, which enables us to follow precisely all our business processes and save time and money."

    Boris Rogan, Managing Director at Luna/TBWA Zagreb

  • The project management and time recording features enable us to keep a sane head in the ever competitive environment of advertising agencies. We are using the software now for over 12 years and it accompanied us through the merger with VMLY&R. It proved to be always reliable."

    Florina Voevod, Finance Director at VMLY&R COMMERCE Romania

  • Competent support. Smooth remote working. And the key performance indicators always under control. That's how I would describe the new online app from Leading Job. Our employees can access it remotely from anywhere, and the workflow remains stable. What I particularly love as a manager: the control options for our KPIs."


    Irene Sagmeister, CEO & owner of WELOVE\TBWA Austria

  • More than a hundred employees work for us under one roof. As a network agency, we are subject to strict guidelines regarding approval processes, audits and compliance. When we moved into the WPP Campus, we introduced LEADING Job across all agencies. This enabled us to fulfil all the requirements of a network agency in terms of workflow and audit processes. What do I particularly appreciate as CFO? The fact that we can use it to track our expenses properly. And how user-friendly the mass approval process is."


    Lukáš Vaculík, CFO of Ogilvy Czech

  • In a phase of strong growth, we faced many challenges that could no longer be met with FileMaker tools we had developed ourselves. After carefully exploring solutions and vendors, we found the right answers with LEADING Job to further professionalize the processes in our organization."

    Susanne Hoffmann, CEO of Palmer Hargreaves Germany

LEADING Job in Action

  • Analyze Employee Workload and Project Allocation

    For agencies, the most expensive resource is usually working time. Personnel costs often account for between half and three quarters of running costs. Economic success strongly depends on the intelligence of the process planning. You set the deadline and the agency software LEADING Job ensures that all existing Human Resources are used daily and optimally to lead all projects to success.

  • Easily Modify Projects

    The agency software LEADING Job by Qualiant helps all project managers: With the efficient resource management you react flexible and agile to unforeseen changes. And bring each of your projects to a targeted point landing.

  • Recording Timesheet Data via Stopwatch

    If working time is charged for the wrong projects or even forgotten, the agencies lose revenue or capacity. With stopwatch time recording in LEADING Job, no valuable hour is lost.