Nightmare KSK Audit

Who is afraid of the KSK audit? Nobody! But what if he comes? Then we run away! Doesn't have to be: With LEADING Job's knowledge of the industry, accounting pitfalls such as the artists' social security contribution in Germany are defused from the outset!


The customer is so happy with the latest spot. The song for it is just starting its triumphal march into the iTunes charts. And the creative department is already planning the submission for the Cannes Lions.

Only your German CFO is in for a shiver. Did we book the 4.2% artist social security contribution for the song in the accounting department? Or has it been forgotten again? Who will notice this BEFORE the next audit is due? There's no support from the agency network, they don't know anything about such German-specific accounting laws.

Especially these little things have great effects if they are not correctly incorporated into controlling. Valuable personnel and time resources are tied up with the preparation for the auditors. The fear of severe penalties is circulating. You are not alone in this. But that does not have to be the case.

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Let Qualiant and our many years of industry experience help you remove stumbling blocks such as german social security contributions for artists in your daily processes. Thanks to our agency software LEADING Job, our accumulated industry know-how and our comprehensive consulting services, many entrepreneurs in the creative industry are already free of the part of their worries that revolves around optimized processes and error-free workflows.

Let's take a close look together at where your shoe pinches and let's find process-oriented solutions. So that in the future you can look forward to every audit with confidence, knowing that thanks to your new agency software LEADING Job everything is running as it should.

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