LEADING Job for Content Agencies

What's important is what's inside! Content marketing agencies produce high-quality, up-to-date and relevant content for customers and target groups and distribute it via a wide variety of channels. Content marketing is not a sprint, but rather a marathon that leads from strategic orientation and objectives, research, planning and production to distribution and success measurement.

Every content agency has the ingredients, such as creative ideas, a small but highly qualified core team of employees and a broad network. But how those ressources are used decides how good the finished content will be! And it depends very much on the processes whether a recipe succeeds or the communication soufflee collapses.

LEADING Job is the right tool for content marketing agencies to manage their projects, to keep track of all freelancers and suppliers and to integrate all practical widgets and tools ideally into the agency workflow via interfaces.



Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Everything out-of-the-box: LEADING Job meets all the basic requirements for efficient business software, from offers and reporting, budgets and controlling to time recording and finance. In addition, document management, integrated project and resource planning and chat communication within the project team are standard features.
  • Supplier register with variable attributes: All content suppliers are managed with LEADING Job's freely assignable supplier management.
  • Resource planning: LEADING Job takes into account the workload and availability of employees who are eligible for a task. In order to land a project precisely, it is sufficient to fix the deadline and LEADING Job will find the optimal way for you.
  • Risk-free testing: 3 months without commitment

The Agency Software for Every Challenge

  • Who Supplies What? With 3 Clicks to the Right Content Supplier

    Anyone who launches a customer website with high-quality, up-to-date and relevant content draws on a large network of content suppliers.
    The LEADING Job supplier management system is a practical tool for managing these suppliers.


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  • King Content & the KSV Audit

    4.2% isn't really that much. And yet King Content also has to comply with the german social security contribution (in German: Künstlersozialversicherung, short KSV) for artists. Since 2013, invoices in German agencies have been audited for their KSV compliance. 

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  • Put a Stop to Wasting Resources

    One of the five car-affine influencers commissioned to create the content is hospitalized with a broken leg after the recent unsuccessful moose test? A measles outbreak causes several booked parent bloggers to miss out?

    With LEADING Job no reason to panic! Thanks to the resource planning tool, the responsible project team can easily assign responsibilities, postpone deadlines and optimally deploy all existing personnel resources on a daily basis in order to lead all projects to success.


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Our 5-Step Timetable - Ready to Go in 2 Months:

  • Pflichtenheft abschicken

    Where do you want to go?

    Determine goals & requirements profile

    1 Week

  • Präsentationstermin / Pitch bei Ihnen vor Ort

    All aboard!

    Presentation of the proposed solution

    2 Weeks

  • Angebotslegung & Auftrag

    Let's get going

    Receive & accept our offer

    3 Weeks

  • Customization

    Full steam ahead!

    Introductional support & customization

    4 Weeks

  • On time at your destination

    Agency and software are ready to go

    2 Months

Time for a Change!

What good is loyalty, if it doesn't give you an advantage? If your existing software solutions do not (any longer) meet your challenges, a change to LEADING Job is now twice as worthwhile!

+ Sign for 1 year: Get a Loyalty Bonus of -10%

+ Sign for 3 years: Get a Loyalty Bonus of -25%

+ Dump your old Software: Get an Illoyalty Bonus* of-50%

*When upgrading from your old software to LEADING Job, we credit half the invoice amount on presentation of the last annual account.

Why Customers Love LEADING Job

  • Irene Sagmeister WELOVE\TBWA Copyright Wilke

    Competent support. Smooth remote working. And the key performance indicators always under control. That's how I would describe the new online app from Leading Job. Our employees can access it remotely from anywhere, and the workflow remains stable. What I particularly love as a manager: the control options for our KPIs."

    Irene Sagmeister, CEO of WELOVE\TBWA Austria

  • In a phase of strong growth, we faced many challenges that could no longer be met with FileMaker tools we had developed ourselves. After carefully exploring solutions and vendors, we found the right answers with LEADING Job to further professionalize the processes in our organization."

    Susanne Hoffmann, Managing Director at Palmer Hargreaves Germany

  • TBWA and Qualiant are partners for more than 17 years now. Their agency software LEADING Job, as well as their always available team are unmatched in terms of quality and professionalism. But their most important „super power" is that they can easily adjust their software to our specific needs, which enables us to follow precisely all our business processes and save time and money."

    Boris Rogan, Managing Director at Luna/TBWA Zagreb

LEADING Job in Action

  • Analyze Employee Workload and Project Allocation

    For agencies, the most expensive resource is usually working time. Personnel costs often account for between half and three quarters of running costs. Economic success strongly depends on the intelligence of the process planning. You set the deadline and the agency software LEADING Job ensures that all existing Human Resources are used daily and optimally to lead all projects to success.

  • Easily Modify Projects

    The agency software LEADING Job by Qualiant helps all project managers: With the efficient resource management you react flexible and agile to unforeseen changes. And bring each of your projects to a targeted point landing.

  • Recording Timesheet Data via Stopwatch

    If working time is charged for the wrong projects or even forgotten, the agencies lose revenue or capacity. With stopwatch time recording in LEADING Job, no valuable hour is lost.