King Content & the KSV Audit

4.2% isn't really that much. And yet King Content also has to comply with the german social security contribution (in German: Künstlersozialversicherung, short KSV) for artists. Since 2013, invoices in German agencies have been audited for their KSV compliance. 


In the case of content agencies that work with many independent photographers, editors, bloggers, influencers, etc. as content suppliers, this means quite a lot of invoices to which the KSV applies.

With LEADING Job, you ensure that every invoice that is subject to KSV is booked in the correct way. And you face every KSV audit calmly.

No matter for which medium you create content, as soon as you commission services that are provided by persons who belong to the circle of "creative professions" recognized by the Social Insurance for Artists, KSV contributions are to be paid for them.

Whether you book a photographer to take glossy photos of the car test track at the Arctic Circle for your customer magazine, or hire a group of car bloggers to test drive the new SUV on the snowy Norwegian landscape and report on it through their social media channels: In Germany, each of these activities is subject to the obligation to pay the artists' social insurance. Failure to do so will result in severe fines during the next company audit.

LEADING Job has preset all KSV-liable activities and draws attention to this when the invoice for such an activity by a German contractor is entered in the system.