Installation files & documentation for LEADING Job

No matter if you need a first time installation, updates, manual or technical notes, on this page you will find all installation files & important documents for LEADING Job for you to download.



Current version

To install the latest version of the desktop client of LEADING Job locally on your computer, please download the following files:

Archive of installation files

Here you can find the installation files for all previous versions of last year:

Windows 23.4 |23.2 | 22.11 | 22.9 | 22.8 | 22.6 | 22.5 | 22.4.1 |22.4 |22.3 | 22.2 |22.1 | 21.12

Mac 23.4 | 23.2 | 22.11 | 22.9 | 22.8 | 22.6 | 22.5 | 22.4.1 |22.4 |22.3 | 22.2 |22.1 | 21.12



Are you just taking your first steps in LEADING Job? Or you are an experienced user but have a specific question? In our manual you will find step-by-step instructions for beginners as well as tips & tricks for professionals.

Go to LEADING Job Manual

We are currently revising the manual and will put chapter by chapter online. In the meantime, you can access the old manual here.


Technical Notes

In our Technical Notes, we have summarized for you specific topics that come up on a regular basis.

TN - Standards for the export of job surveys
TN - System requirements

Release Notes

In the Release Notes for each update you can check which features have been added or updated in the respective version and where bugs have been fixed.


Do you have questions? Something isn't working? You have discovered a bug in the current version? Our support team is here for you.

Talk to us! Here is your direct line to LEADING Job Support:

+43 1 503 6644