Manage Projects More Successfully with the Right Agency Software | A Comparison of the 10 Best Solutions

With the right agency software, you can manage your projects more successfully and efficiently.

Find out here which functions are particularly helpful and what distinguishes good agency software.

What is Agency Software?

Agency software is a tool that can be used to digitally organise agencies' operational and project-related processes. On the one hand, it supports agencies in the structured fulfilment of their administrative tasks and, on the other hand, it also creates transparency within the agency and towards clients. The aim of using agency software is to save time and costs through more efficient processes.

Functions of Agency Software

There are numerous software solutions for agencies that differ in terms of their range of functions. When selecting the right agency software solution, the focus should not only be on how many functions the software offers, but above all on whether the functions that are important for your structures are available. Functions that agency software can fulfil are, for example

  • Project management
  • Management and delegation of tasks and schedules
  • Creation of quotes and invoicing
  • Time tracking
  • Costing & controlling
  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • E-mail and calendar integration
  • Planning of resources, tasks and absences
  • Document management

Advantages of agency software

Investing in the right agency software pays off. If you choose the right software solution, you can handle your agency projects more efficiently and successfully. Specialised agency tools offer this advantage:

  • Centralised data management: several people are involved in large projects in particular. Email ping-pong is often extremely inefficient and leads to information being lost and feedback taking a long time. Agency software bundles all relevant information and participants in one place and makes it possible to view the project status at any time. This makes internal and external coordination processes much more efficient and prevents information from getting lost in long e-mail processes.
  • Efficient processes: Agency software can be used to set up clear workflows so that the project status and to-dos are transparent for everyone involved at all times. Approval processes can also be handled more quickly using agency software.
  • Resource management: Internal team resources can be managed more easily using agency software and therefore utilised more efficiently.
  • Flexible collaboration: It is an advantage if the agency software is cloud-based. This allows everyone involved to access upcoming projects from different locations at any time and creates more flexibility.

Drawbacks of Agency Software

Why should I invest time and money in agency software if my projects are already going well? Of course, agency software is not a mandatory requirement and implementation initially costs time and, of course, money. However, at a certain agency and project size, it is advisable to organise processes and documents in a structured way in a single system. Once the agency software has been set up, however, the invested effort is often amortised because processes can be set up more efficiently and thus save costs and time.

Costs of Agency Software

The cost of agency software varies depending on the range of functions and on the provider. Therefore, before selecting a software solution, you should consider which processes in your agency are particularly time-consuming and cost-intensive and should be improved. The agency software should then be able to handle the corresponding functions. You can cut out all functions that would be "nice to have" but are not essential in order to save costs. From a cost optimisation perspective, it is therefore helpful if the functional scope of an agency software can be individually adapted. If you select agency software that is a perfect fit, the investment will amortise over the duration of use as you save time and therefore costs.

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Criteria for Agency Software Comparison

If you are looking for agency software, the following criteria will help you compare agency software:

  • Range of functions
  • Number of projects that can be processed
  • Number of collaborators
  • Integration options for existing workflows
  • Required interfaces
  • Cloud access and mobile availability
  • Operating system

Which criteria are weighted particularly heavily when comparing agency software naturally depends on what is particularly important to you and with what goal you are introducing the agency software. If you are aware of these points, it will be easier for you to select the right software solution.


The Best Agency Software Compared


MOCO specialises in the tracking of project management processes in particular. The agency software makes it easy to carry out time tracking and reports. The costs for MOCO are calculated per user per month; a flat rate can also be booked for 50 or more users.


QuoJob focuses on the organisation of internal agency resources. Tasks can be assigned via the agency software, time budgets can be invoiced and contacts and appointments can be managed via QuoJob. With QuoJob, you pay a fixed price for the licence, which is based on the desired range of functions.

Die Agenturverwaltung

Die Agenturverwaltung is a software that is specially tailored to the commercial tasks in agencies. The agency software has functions for creating offers and invoicing, recording times and resources as well as project digitisation and automation. Thanks to its cloud-based functionality, the software can be used from anywhere. Kosten werden pro User und Monat abgerechnet.


Revolver can be used to digitally manage numerous internal tasks in agencies. For example, you can use the agency software to handle address and task management, CRM, time tracking and invoicing. The user interface can be customised to match the agency's design. Revolver can be booked in various packages depending on the number of users.


With awork, agencies can digitalise their project management. Tasks, deadlines and resources can be managed cloud-based via the agency software. The workload of team members can be monitored and documented via automatic time tracking. The agency software also has a financial management function that can be used to create budgets, cost estimates, invoices and payments.


The easyJOB agency software combines commercial tasks in an agency with project management and CRM functions. External programmes can be easily integrated via numerous interfaces. With easyJOB, the costs for the agency software depend on the size of the agency and the selected range of functions. This means that the software can be customised particularly flexibly to the specific needs of the agency.


The poool agency software specialises in the management of internal resources in agencies. Accounting, resource planning, time tracking and other internal processes can be organised using the software. In addition to the costs for the basic licence, additional users must be booked. Thanks to the cloud solution, the software can be used from anywhere.


ProSonata has made it into our agency software comparison because the software offers solutions for both project management and invoicing. It is therefore possible to carry out time tracking and task management as well as quotation and invoicing via the agency software. The cost of using the software is based on the number of users, with graduated prices available for three or more users.


If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, helloHQ is an option. The software is cloud-based and includes functions such as time tracking, CRM, project and resource planning, document management, cost recording and financial calculation. The functions can be individually configured and expanded to meet your own requirements.

Agency software comparison: other sources

In addition to our comparison, other renowned comparison sites such as OMT, OMR or the industry-renowned Software Guide also offer valuable insights into various software solutions. These platforms analyse and evaluate a variety of aspects, including functionalities, user-friendliness and prices, to help you make a decision.

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Our recommendation: LEADING Job from Qualiant

Our aim is to develop the best agency software for the needs of the creative industry. With LEADING Job, we have therefore designed agency software that is specially tailored to the requirements of leading companies in the creative industry. The all-in-one agency software enables all agency employees to work together on one digital platform. Project status, controlling and capacity planning can thus be centralised in one digital location. By organising resources intelligently, the agency software ensures that all team members are optimally utilised. This means that even larger projects can be managed efficiently and successfully.

Benefits of LEADING Job as the Best Agency Software

This combination of range of functions, industry experience and support quality makes LEADING Job the best agency software for the requirements of companies in the creative industry:

  • Broad range of functions for proposal preparation, project management, time tracking, controlling, invoicing, reporting, workflow and resource planning.
  • Full customisation: needs-based individual adaptations for special requirements can be implemented at any time.
  • Numerous interfaces that enable seamless integration into your existing software architecture.
  • As a web-based cloud solution, LEADING Job is available at all times on both desktop and mobile devices. Local installation is also possible as an option.
  • Free support by phone, chat & email, no matter how many support enquiries you make, unlike many competitors who charge per enquiry.
  • Continuity of support contacts: Your assigned support agent is familiar with your situation and can process your enquiries efficiently without losing time.
  • New functions are automatically available to all our customers after each update, at no additional cost.
  • Do you have clients from the corporate or public sector with high audit or IT security requirements? With LEADING Job, you are on the safe side here too.
  • In addition to owner-managed agencies, Qualiant's customer portfolio also includes all agency networks, and this experience and the expertise gained over many years is reflected in the introduction of the agency software.
  • Not convinced yet? Test LEADING Job for up to three months risk-free.

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