Put a Stop to Wasting Resources

One of the five car-affine influencers commissioned to create the content is hospitalized with a broken leg after the recent unsuccessful moose test? A measles outbreak causes several booked parent bloggers to miss out?

With LEADING Job no reason to panic! Thanks to the resource planning tool, the responsible project team can easily assign responsibilities, postpone deadlines and optimally deploy all existing personnel resources on a daily basis in order to lead all projects to success.




Efficient resource planning is more than just a empty phrase in the next round of agency bullshit bingo.

It's not just about moving calendar entries by mouse. LEADING Job is the advocate of your projects. After each change in the project plan tens of thousands of calculations are executed in the background. As a result all resources are deployed in real time where they are most effective for the company's success.

Unlike traditional ERP tools, LEADING Job is tailored in detail to the needs of leading companies in the creative industry and can thus map the workflow and processes of content marketing agencies.

LEADING Job takes into account the workload and availability of employees who are suitable for a task. In order to land a project precisely, it is sufficient to fix the deadline and LEADING Job will find the optimal pathway for you.