Who Supplies What? With 3 Clicks to the Right Content Supplier

Anyone who launches a customer website with high-quality, up-to-date and relevant content draws on a large network of content suppliers.
The LEADING Job supplier management system is a practical tool for managing these suppliers.


  • The challenge: You accompany the customer's worldwide product launch with an internationally orchestrated content wave on blogs, Instagram and Youtube. And you want to get in touch with the relevant content suppliers quickly and easily.
  • The solution: LEADING Job manages all content suppliers in an intelligent database with freely assignable and multilingual attributes.

The supplier system of LEADING Job reduces the research work from days or even weeks to the duration of several clicks.

Name, address, email address, contact person, VAT number, type of activity - the basic elements of each supplier are predefined as standard. What makes the supplier file so ideal for content agencies, are the additional attributes that can be freely assigned. And which make the administration and search for suppliers so easy.

Thus every instagramer, every youtuber, every content supplier can be categorized according to their main topics, interests, followers, used channels, additional qualifications, languages, geographical area, already completed joint projects, etc. You can define hundreds of attributes per supplier.

Are you looking for influencers with an Instagram background who speak Portuguese and are fashion-oriented? Three clicks in the supplier file and you know exactly who you can contact for this project.

LEADING Job's supplier management centralizes and decentralizes the information at the same time. A dropdown selection specifies the selectable values for each attribute. This avoids different spellings of the same property. And these properties can then be translated into any desired language. The colleague in London knows exactly which German photography enthusiasts and sports influencers he should propose for participation in the Berlin Marathon and promotion of the new camera.

Supplier management made easy - with LEADING Job.