Help, we're changing!

Everything new in the agency. New structures, new locations, new departments. However, the many different and sometimes error-prone processes have remained the same. This is exactly where LEADING Job offers a solid solution!


Congratulations, the agency merger is in dry cloths! With the successful takeover, expertise in new areas has been purchased, the number of employees has increased dramatically, and the new offices manage promising customer accounts. The agency should be looking forward to a bright future! But somewhere along the road the momentum is lost and is not translated into employee motivation, sales do not increase as they should, it feels as someone put a spanner in the works.

Invoices are recorded twice, offers that inexplicably have become more expensive are discussed with customers, and the German job number is unknown in Londoner production. Why? Embarrassed silence. Who is responsible for this? Nobody, it' s always been like that. Valuable time is lost, resources needed elsewhere are blocked and ultimately every single process error has a negative effect on the annual balance.

And yet, in view of the scale of the problem, some agencies prefer to continue to muddle through rather than to advocate a solution.


LEADING Job: The solution to growth pain

It would be so simple: Ask the right questions. With LEADING Job, Qualiant gives you a tool that delivers the right answers.

Together we streamline your processes. This enables former individual players to work together smoothly under a common roof and to act as a unit across different locations.

Read more about the advantages of LEADING Job for cross-location work here.

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