Working across multiple locations

Whether in Berlin, Paris, London or Vienna, the cooperation of multinational teams represents a major challenge for creative agencies. LEADING Job has the solutions.


One company, many offices: The agency software of choice should meet a number of requirements for working with multilocal teams:

  • Standardized processes: What has to be applied in Hamburg also applies to Zurich.
  • Smooth document workflow, no matter how many kilometers and time zones lie between requesters and decision-makers.
  • Dollar, Franc, Pound or Euro, always the right currency in the system.

Standardized processes across all locations

One company, several locations. The administration is located in Hamburg. To everyone in that office it is clear that orders are only possible up to 1,000 € - without approval from a superior. For all larger sums the OK must be obtained first from the boss. The Zurich office knows this, too. But if the boss only visits every two weeks, things are not always done this way. That a Bentley can be ordered as easily as Thai food for lunch does not have to happen. But it could. LEADING Job puts a stop to this kind of haphazard behaviour. Above a certain limit, an order can only be triggered if there is a release from a higher level. Every new agency location, every new employee must comply with the rules laid down by the head office.

Smooth document workflow

Once upon a time there was a postman who brought the bills to the accounts department every day. One day there were many expense bills from London. Like all other invoices, these were recorded and handed over to the relevant employee for approval. And then the accounting department waited for the OK. And waited. And if they didn't die, they wait still today. After all, the employee whose trip to Advertising Week in London was responsible for the expense invoices, understandably chose Homeoffice after all the travelling. And the bill remained untouched at the desk in the office. Such a fairy tale without a happy ending does not leave a good feeling.

With LEADING Job, we provide an alternative end: the Creative Director, who is tired of travelling and now works in his home office in the green suburbs, has his mobile phone humming (or any form of notification of his choice). It tells him that the invoices in his dashboard are waiting for his digital approval. If everything is correct, he approves them immediately. If something does not add up, he can clarify it immediately.

And what applies to incoming invoices from London also applies to cost estimates, outgoing invoices and vacation requests. Even invoices that have to be approved in Warsaw and Berlin according to the six-eye-principle and booked in London are handled with an average turnaround time of half an hour.

Cutting through the currency jungle

LEADING Job is able to work with three different currencies in the system: agency currency, customer currency and foreign cost currency can each be different. For example, a German agency can prepare a cost estimate of CHF 1,000 for its Swiss client. The Swiss say "That's all in order. Grüezi wohl!" The invoice will be sent out three weeks later. According to the current exchange rate, the invoice amount would now be CHF 1,004.36 instead of the CHF 1,000 approved by the customer. Small sum, but a big problem for Swiss accounting! LEADING Job, on the other hand, offers the possibility of creating a price list directly in the customer's currency, independent of the ups and downs of the exchange rate. In this way, the cost estimate and the invoice in the foreign currency do not differ from each other.