When External Costs Threaten Liquidity

An annoying topic for advertising agencies of any kind: The liquidity reserves of the agency are threatened by the pre-financing of external costs such as photo shoots, video shoots, etc.. LEADING Job offers a solution through defined interim invoices.


Nice, a photo shoot at the Baltic seacoast is coming up. Not so nice: You have to pay the external costs for photographer, models, location, etc. in advance and you only get your money back when the sujet is on the billboards and you invoice the project with the customer. This practice can stretch your liquidity reserves to their limits.

An annoying topic for agencies of all kinds: external costs arising from work in progress are only paid by the customer once the entire project has been approved. And if we then add, say, a lax payment morale, experience shows that it can take from a few months to half a year to get your money back.

Is it your job to pre-finance such third-party costs until forever and a day? And in the worst case, to even finance it with expensive loans? No! And here Qualiant comes just in time with the agency software LEADING Job: Together we define how external costs can be charged, how payment terms can be defined and how instalment payment regimes can be managed in order to provide you with a larger financial buffer.

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