LEADING Media: Interface for TV-Spot-Import

The question: What to do if the Swiss advertising marketer Goldbach wants to integrate its TV spots into the LEADING Media System? The answer: Program the interface! All Swiss LEADING Media customers benefit from the web interface for importing TV commercials.


What are the new interface features?

  • Import TV commercials
  • Import invoices for TV spots and assign them to the respective spots
  • free of charge for all LEADING Media customers

Making life easier for customers: This was achieved by Qualiant in cooperation with Goldbach Media, one of the largest marketers of television advertising in Switzerland. In a very short time, a web interface was programmed with which TV commercials and the corresponding invoices can be imported into the LEADING Media media purchasing tool with just a few clicks.

The national roll-out in Switzerland started in the summer of 2019. In the meantime, all major media agencies in the country can access the functionalities of the Goldbach interface. The advantages of the new web interface are available free of charge to all LEADING Media customers.

Would you like to know how the Goldbach interface works? Click here for the Manual for the TV Spot Interface at Goldbach.


Contact LEADING Media Support

You have questions about an update of LEADING Media? You have discovered a problem with the current version? Talk to us! Here is your direct line to LEADING Media Support:

+43 1 503 6644



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