5 Reasons Why Agency Software Is Only As Good As Its Support

It has to be fast, competent, friendly, patient and professional: The quality of customer service and thus customer satisfaction has top priority at Qualiant.

New employees who first have to learn to use the many advantages of LEADING Job and LEADING Media.

Functions that are rarely used and whose application can be explained quickly by telephone or in detail in a step-by-step guide via e-mail.

New reports that would have been best available the day before yesterday.

Go on holiday and be sure that there is someone who will continue to take care of the agency.

A password forgotten during the holiday, which was replaced minutes later.

There are many reasons why our excellent customer service makes LEADING Job and LEADING Media so popular. We have gathered five occasions here once!

1) There are no stupid questions.

Only stupid answers. And you won't get them from our support. No matter whether the question comes from the recently hired junior copywriter, the new media buyer or the CFO personally, the answer is prompt, friendly and to the point. You are welcome to contact us by phone, e-mail or via the messenger service on our website.

2) Employee training? Gladly tomorrow!

You know what it is: No matter what a great working atmosphere you have created in your agency, babies are born, people move to another city for love's sake and employees come and go.

And the newcomers first have to learn to really use the many advantages that LEADING Job and LEADING Media offer. So it is really helpful if the employee training can take place promptly. If you are like us in Vienna, we would be happy to invite you to our office, if your company has locations in countries other than Austria, we will come to you locally.

3) Go on holiday: Vacation replacement for the system administrator

New password, answer 0815 questions? Usually done by the specially trained employee or the system administrator in his own company. But he's also a bit blue. And our customer service is immediately on the spot as a holiday replacement.

4) The impossible is done immediately, miracles take a little longer

The company changes, new stakeholders demand new reporting, layouts have to be adapted and if that doesn't happen quickly, the accounting is shut down. Their priorities are also ours.

5) Speedy Gonzales? Works for us!

"If I have a support request about our agency software, I don't mind waiting 1-2 business days for an answer. Said no CEO ever. That's why fast support is a trademark of Qualiant.