How I Learned to Love Multi-project Management

Does this sound familiar? The flapping of a butterfly's wings in a project triggers a hurricane elsewhere in the agency and any conventional project management software reaches its limits.

LEADING Job ensures that all tasks are assigned to the available team members in the ideal order to complete all projects in the best possible way.



Multi-process management to fall in love with: In many large agencies, dozens of projects are running simultaneously. In contrast to less intelligent agency software solutions, LEADING Job ensures a complete overview of all parallel jobs.

After each change in the project plan, tens of thousands of calculations run in the background. In this way, all project resources can be used in real time where they are most urgently needed. This means that all employees, from the smallest gear to the CFO, are always up to date in real time with regard to project status, controlling and workload.

The uniqueness of LEADING Job lies in the fact that projects with fast processes and complex dependencies are not only presented, but optimized.

No task is lost, no deadline is overlooked. This not only saves time, but also money. Our Savings Calculator will tell you how much this can be in your agency.