Six Reasons Why You Should Choose proDigi

You've always managed digital campaigns with big, complicated Excel sheets, right? The number of macros has increased over the years, finding the current version is a game of chance and we don't even want to talk about the error rate when filling them out by hand. There must be something better and simpler, you think. And you are right! LEADING Media proDigi is the tool for your digital campaigns that you have been looking for!

Here are six reasons why digital media planners no longer want to do without proDigi.


Six reasons for proDigi

  1. Full integration
  2. Error prevention
  3. Time saving
  4. Budget optimisation
  5. Flexibility
  6. Precise accounting

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Discover the future of media planning in just 3 minutes! Our new video reveals the 6 key reasons why LEADING Media proDigi will revolutionise your campaigns. For those who want more details, dive in and explore the benefits of proDigi in our full article.

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1. Full integration into and data exchange with existing software architecture

  • Integration in LEADING Media: If you work in an Austrian or Swiss media agency, then you know LEADING Media. And you have been handling your campaigns with this reliable tool for many years. proDigi is the tool within the tool, the practical extension for planning your campaigns on all digital channels. Once your online campaigns have been planned or commissioned, they are scheduled or imported into LEADING Media for the next steps, in order to bundle all media types for evaluations and billing in one software. In this way, you work in the familiar environment, but thanks to proDigi, you can plan all common online advertising formats without the annoying detours via Excel sheets. For billing, all data is available at the click of a mouse in LEADING Media or you can use the simple export to the billing software you use.
  • Integration with analysis tools: Speaking of export, proDigi's export capabilities also allow data to be exported for further analysis in specialised analytics tools such as Adverity. By integrating with analytics tools, agencies can gain deeper insights to evaluate the performance of their campaigns, identify trends and make informed decisions.
  • Efficient data exchange: proDigi offers numerous other export options that make life easier for online planners. Be it orders, ad server briefings, media plans (CV), as well as production plans, which can be created with one click. These exports can also be set individually, e.g. for specific periods, suppliers, individual or several campaigns at the same time, etc. Completely tailored to the respective client's or supplier's wishes, and flexibly controllable in proDigi.

2. Error prevention through automation, data integrity, & validation

Automation: Excel sheets and macros often require manual input and complex formulas that are prone to errors. With integrated functions that cover the entire media planning workflow, proDigi automates many steps of the planning process. This minimises manual intervention, which significantly reduces the risk of errors:

  • Once created as a template, each campaign can be started with a few clicks and automatically has all the correct values entered. All values can be changed if necessary.
  • The technical costs of each plan variant can be mapped ideally and are also calculated automatically when discounts in kind are granted.
  • Supplier master data, customer-specific discounts and special conditions are always taken into account at the most current status.
  • Billing is carried out by exporting to the accounting software of your choice or directly in LEADING Media.

Data integrity: Excel sheets can be prone to data inconsistencies, especially if several people are working on them at the same time or data has to be copied and pasted manually. proDigi uses a central Oracle database to store and manage information. This ensures that data is consistent and up-to-date.

Validation and plausibility check: proDigi contains built-in validations and plausibility checks to ensure that the data entered is correct and complete. This helps to identify and avoid potential errors at an early stage. Excel sheets may not provide the same level of automated validation and checking.

3. Time saver

Another advantage of automation is also the immense time savings.

  • Once created, templates for technical costs and positions can be used again and again.
  • The user-friendly interface of proDigi is specially tailored to the needs of media planning. It facilitates navigation, data entry and verification. This saves a lot of time when creating, managing and editing campaigns. Excel sheets, on the other hand, can be complex and difficult to use, especially for people without extensive knowledge of Excel.
  • Quick campaign overview: With the popular sorting, condensing, filtering and searching functions familiar from LEADING Media, proDigi enables you to organise data efficiently, analyse correlations quickly, filter data selectively, find information quickly and make better decisions. This helps you maintain an overview, quickly capture relevant information and optimise your campaigns effectively.

4. Budget optimisation

proDigi helps you make the most of your budget and achieve better results for your clients:

  • Smart target value search: Wouldn't it be great if you could make a budgetary bull's-eye landing on every campaign? Here there is still €5,000 to spend, there the budget was exceeded by several thousand euros. With an Excel sheet, this is a tedious process of trying through umpteen fields to reach the desired sum. In proDigi you simply enter the desired sum and the system does the rest. You specify which parameters and positions should be included. proDigi then automatically tweaks them to achieve the best possible ROI for the campaign.
  • Real-time budget monitoring:With the running budget window in proDigi, agencies have a real-time overview of the effects of changes in the media plan on the budget. This transparency enables better control and planning of the budget throughout the campaign planning.

5. Flexibility

With proDigi you can react quickly to changing customer requirements and market conditions, test different scenarios and develop the best possible media planning.

  • Multiple variations of your plan: With proDigi, advertising agencies can create and manage multiple plan variants to run through different scenarios and strategies. This allows you to flexibly test & compare different budget allocations, channels and time periods.
  • Easy adjustments: proDigi allows you to make changes and adjustments in real time. The intuitive user interface and smooth navigation facilitate the planning adjustment process.

6. Simple billing

And last but not least, it's time to reap what you sowed: with proDigi the monthly invoicing of clients is a real pleasure.

  • Accurate monthly billing: With the "monthly split" function, you can break down the ongoing costs and expenses of an advertising campaign on a monthly basis with one click and present accurate statements to the client on a regular basis.
  • Transparent client communication: The simple billing in proDigi supports transparent communication with clients. Agencies can clearly show how the costs of a campaign are distributed over the individual months. This promotes trust and strengthens the client relationship.

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