Smart Target Value Search for Optimal Budget Use

You know the problem: All positions of a campaign have been created, the costs for them entered. But at the end of the campaign there is still a residual budget. Or worse, the budget has been overshot. Which levers do you turn now? Which booking volumes need optimisation? Instead of tediously working your way to the optimal budget, simply use the smart target value search in proDigi.

Target Value Search in Position List

Our example campaign has a budget of €140,000. But unfortunately, we missed the goal in the planning and would exceed the budget with more than 150,000€.

But with the smart target value search, this is no problem. proDigi finds the optimal positions, which are then automatically rotated to achieve the best possible ROI for the campaign. How does this work? Quite simply, with just a few clicks!

In the position list, click on the "Target value" button at the very bottom (marked orange in the screenshot).

Enter the target value of the campaign costs in the mask of the target value search at the very bottom. In our example, the campaign should adjust to a budget of € 140,000. You then have several options to choose from.

Time for Finetuning: Options for the Target Value Search

Do you want to include only one or several (pre-selected) positions or the entire campaign in the target value search? You determine this in the field "Include in target value search".

For individual positions, you can then select under "Calculate target value for" whether the calculation should include or exclude technical costs or whether the target value should be based on the total budget (incl. technical costs) by adjusting the selected positions. For an entire campaign, this field is greyed out.

Another option relates to the budget base (net, gross, net/net, client net) to be used for the calculation, which you can select in the field "Target value related to".

In the line "Adaption of" you can then define what should be changed to get the selected target value: Booked Volume, Base CPx (basic costs), Volume discount or Special discount.

When all fields are filled in according to your specifications, click on "Go on". In the following window you can check if you are satisfied with the result of the target value search. If everything fits, click on "Accept" and the adjustments will be taken over into the plan variant and the budget window of the campaign will be adjusted in real time according to your specifications. Congratulations, you have made a precision budget landing!

With the smart target value search, proDigi enables you to plan your digital campaigns much more effectively. The automatic and optimal calculation ensures that the campaign achieves the best possible result and does not exceed the budget. Nice side effect: you save a lot of your valuable time, which you can now use for a coffee break. You have earned it!

Tutorial video "Smart target value search"

For detailed instructions on how use the smart target value search in proDigi, watch this video:


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