Easy as that: Creating a Digital Media Campaign

Your job as a media planner and buyer is demanding: From often non-existent customer briefings, the identification of media measures based on existing marketing objectives and channel selection based on target group analysis to the final cost plan, it is often a long way. proDigi supports your work, where Excel spreadsheets & macros reach their limits. You want to know how to create easyily a media and costing plan in proDigi? And which parameters you can choose from? That's what this blog post is all about.


Creating a campaign
Modify positions
Calculate setup costs, additional charges & deductions
Generate order & cost plan

Creating a Campaign

To create a digital campaign in LEADING Media proDigi, select a template campaign and click the "Online" button. Select the necessary items from the template and copy them by clicking on the yellow plus sign.
Now you can create the new campaign by filling in the fields for clients, customers and product. Then click F5 and enter the code for the new campaign. Now add the budget.
In the detailed view of the campaign, you can edit the items already copied from the template and adjust them where necessary.

Modify Positions

Clicking on a position will now take you into the detailed view. The parameters on the left side of the dialog box include the fields media group, order type, advertising medium, website, ad form, performance type (CPC,CPM,CPV,CPX,FIX), performance volume and placement (ROC,RON,ROS,...) With a click in the drop-down menu you can make your selection here.
On the right side of the online dialogue window you will find the selection options for visibility tracking, audience verification, creative format, channel, streaming, adserving and target group, which can also be accessed via dropdown.
These parameters are generated either from the agency-specific master data or from your media tariffs and have an influence on the setup costs of the campaign.
proDigi can, of course, map all common digital advertising formats that you work with in your digital campaigns.

Calculate Setup Costs, Additional Charges & Deductions

The price of the item is automatically calculated based on quantity, format, channel and placement. You can further control the proposed conditions in the "Planning - Surcharges/Discounts" dialog.
The setup costs for all positions of the campaign are determined automatically and displayed as separate rows at the end of the campaign. For example, the costs for ad serving and setup are automatically added as positions.

Generate Order & Cost Plan

All the details of the campaign have been finalized, now it's time to place the orders. To do this, click on the printer icon in the menu bar, and under "Order" select the option "Proposal - Preview" and click "next". Clicking the "Print" button will take you to a printable PDF.

As a next step we want to print the cost plan, this is also done with a few clicks.

In the export options, you can choose between Adserver Briefing and Adverity in addition to Cost Plan and Order.

Trailer video "How to create a digital campaign"

For detailed instructions on how to create a campaign in proDigi, watch this video:


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