Precise Billing with the Monthly Split Function

With the "monthly split" function, you can break down the running costs and expenses of an advertising campaign on a monthly basis with one click and present accurate invoicing to the client on a regular basis.

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Many digital publishers invoice their services on a monthly basis. To pass on these costs to your clients in a timely manner, use the "Monthly split" function.
To do this, click on the "Monthly split" button or the "Functions" icon in your campaign and select the "Split to months" option in the drop-down list. Or if you prefer to work with shortcuts, press Shift + F3. Confirm that you want to split the campaign into individual months.

proDigi now generates a separate dispo for each item and each month of the term. After exporting to LEADING Media, you can now present your clients with a precise and transparent invoicing every month.

There is also an alternative directly when exporting to LEADING Media. Activate "Export to Leading Media" and "Apply monthly split in LM campaign?". As a result, you will then receive an individual breakdown of each month in LEADING Media, while in proDigi the positions are retained over the entire period.

Video Tutorial

For detailed instructions on how to use the monthly split, watch this video:

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