Do Large Agencies Actually Need Special Agency Software?

If you are completely satisfied with your agency software, please move on, there is nothing for you to see here. But you are definitely in the right place if you answer YES to one or more of the following questions:

  • Is your day never long enough to handle all the daily challenges?
  • Is your work week packed with meetings, data analysis and juggling dozens of projects at once?
  • Are you responsible for coordinating teams across different locations and your old agency software lets you down when you have to plan resources from Berlin to Zurich to London for a project? Different currencies,different tax rates and different legal bases for time tracking are also making life difficult for you?
  • Instead of having the profit margins of all current projects fully under control, are rising external costs, thin staffing and lax project management throwing a spanner in the works?
  • Do inconsistencies in project schedules scale up, does endless e-mailing back and forth cost more valuable working time the more people are involved in the project? 

If it takes half a day to get approval for a milestone or a second signature for cost approval, frustration levels rise. This means, in a project where a large team is working, idle costs equivalent up to a full week of manpower. This affects both your nerves and the profitability of the agency.

Do such situations sound familiar to you? Then take a look at the solutions LEADING Job has to offer!



LEADING Job Is the Painkiller for the Paint Points of Large Agencies

LEADING Job helps you master all the daily challenges and make your everyday work easier. Whether it's planning resources, team communication or accounting - only with an agency software that is made for the most demanding projects and the challenges of large advertising agencies, you have everything under control and can concentrate on the essentials: Your creativity and your clients.

Come and let us show you what LEADING Job can do, especially for large advertising agencies with multiple locations and international clients!



Smooth Processes When Working Across Multiple Locations

How do you keep track when many teams and departments are working on different projects at different locations?

LEADING Job offers the solution to facilitate cross-location working:

  • Multi-level and automated approval processes
  • Integrated communication tool
  • Available in German and English so that every employee at every location can choose the language themselves. 

So every cog turns smoothly and the agency engine hums!


Optimal Use of Resources for Staff Happiness and Project Satisfaction

Effective resource planning is particularly important in international projects to ensure that all tasks are completed on time. LEADING Job allows you to effectively plan and monitor all the resources of a large agency:

  • In the widget "Employee Workload" you can see how busy staff members are and can easily counteract this by changing responsible persons.
  • The "Project Status" widget provides information on the degree of completion and urgency of projects.
  • The Team Overview shows the big picture of all tasks and staff. This way you ensure that all resources are pulling together. 

Real-time Data Analysis and Performance Trend Detection

Analysing data is crucial to evaluate and optimise the performance of projects and campaigns. But who has time to spend hours on Excel spreadsheets? LEADING Job meets this need with reports from the central database to analyse data on

  • time tracking,
  • staff management,
  • resource planning,
  • project management and
  • budget management in real time and to identify performance trends.

LEADING Job also offers export interfaces to common international analysis tools such as Adverity. 



Fast, Reliable, Flawless: The Solution for a Flood of Mass Data

In many large agencies, especially in the digital and media sector, a large number of receipts and invoices are generated every month. These have to be recorded, digitised, checked, approved, invoiced and transferred to the accounting department after completion. And all this as quickly, reliably and error-free as possible.

No problem with LEADING Job!

The agency software offers interfaces for automated data import and reliable processes for mass data processing. This makes work easier and leaves more time for the essentials.


Come to the Safe side!

Legal regulations that differ from country to country, security guidelines of the parent company that apply worldwide and perhaps additional compliance requirements of one or the other major customer often pose unsolvable problems for conventional software solutions.

LEADING Job complies with the strictest security guidelines. The software works with Oracle databases and, in addition to the cloud version, can also be installed in the company's own data centre, which provides additional security and control.

In addition, LEADING Job also offers features such as rights management and logging of changes to data to facilitate compliance. This allows large advertising agencies to be sure that their processes and procedures comply with applicable regulations at all times.


You Have to See This!

Schedule a demo today and see how LEADING Job can support your business operations. Our team will work with you to develop a customised solution that meets your agency's unique needs.



5 Steps to Implementation

  • Pflichtenheft abschicken

    Where do you want to go?

    Determine goals & requirements profile

    1 Week

  • Präsentationstermin / Pitch bei Ihnen vor Ort

    All aboard!

    Presentation of the proposed solution

    2 Weeks

  • Angebotslegung & Auftrag

    Let's get going

    Receive & accept our offer

    3 Weeks

  • Customization

    Full steam ahead!

    Introductional support & customization

    4 Weeks

  • On time at your destination

    Agency and software are ready to go

    2 Months

Time for a Change!

Loyalty is good, change is better! If your existing software solutions do not (any longer) meet your challenges, a change to LEADING Job is now twice as worthwhile!

+ Loyalty bonus 1 year -10%

+ Loyalty bonus 3 year -25%

+ Infidelity bonus -50%

When changing from old software to LEADING Job, we credit half the invoice amount on presentation of the last annual account.


Why Customers Love LEADING Job

  • Stefanie Schreiner, Head of Digital Planning, IPG Mediabrands

    The tool speeds up the process immensely and saves a lot of manual work and reconciliation. Having all master data, spendings, forecasts, etc. centrally in one system is an absolute added value and helps immensely with large reports that need to be done quickly."

    Stefanie Schreiner, Head of Digital Planning, Mediabrands Austria

  • In a phase of strong growth, we faced many challenges that could no longer be met with FileMaker tools we had developed ourselves. After carefully exploring solutions and vendors, we found the right answers with LEADING Job to further professionalize the processes in our organization."

    Susanne Hoffmann, Managing Director at Palmer Hargreaves Germany

  • Irene Sagmeister, WELOVE\TBWA Copyright Wilke

    Competent support. Smooth remote working. And the key performance indicators always under control. That's how I would describe the new online app from Leading Job. Our employees can access it remotely from anywhere, and the workflow remains stable. What I particularly love as a manager: the control options for our KPIs."

    Irene Sagmeister, CEO & owner of WELOVE\TBWA Austria

How to Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency in No Time at All

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  • Help, we're changing!

    Everything new in the agency. New structures, new locations, new departments. However, the many different and sometimes error-prone processes have remained the same. This is exactly where LEADING Job offers a solid solution!

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  • How I Learned to Love Multi-project Management

    Does this sound familiar? The flapping of a butterfly's wings in a project triggers a hurricane elsewhere in the agency and any conventional project management software reaches its limits.

    LEADING Job ensures that all tasks are assigned to the available team members in the ideal order to complete all projects in the best possible way.


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