Looking for the Best Agency Software for You?

A typical day in the life of the best agency head of all can sometimes be like a rollercoaster ride:

  • You start with a cup of coffee and a long to-do list that triggers a sense of overwhelm just by looking at it. You quickly check emails and see that the team has worked late into the night on a project again and now needs support.
  • Then it's on to a meeting with a client who has little understanding for the fact that quality takes time. The coordination is bumpy and it feels like you are stuck in a quagmire of unclear expectations and requirements.
  • After finally leaving the meeting, it's back to the office to finish a presentation. But then you realise that you actually have no idea who is working on which project and what resources are available for it.
  • And while you're still wondering where to start, the next emails start coming in - the head of finance is begging for up-to-date figures and the accounts urgently need updating.

As the best agency head of all, you know that you have to overcome all these challenges to be successful. But sometimes it feels like you're running into a wall.

And that's exactly why you're wondering what's the best agency software for your needs. And we're here for you to find out together if that's LEADING Job.


Is LEADING Job the Best Agency Software for Your Needs?

Can LEADING Job help you to master all the daily challenges and make your everyday work easier? Whether it's planning resources, team communication or accounting - only with the best agency software that specifically addresses your needs will you have everything under control and be able to concentrate on the essentials: Your creativity and your clients.

Come, let us introduce you to our solutions for your biggest challenges!



Everything Out-of-the-box

  • Project management
  • Resource planning
  • Time sheets
  • Project accounting
  • Project controlling

Often, individual apps are used for each of the above-mentioned tasks, apps that have no legal structure and, despite dozens of interfaces, do not offer an ad hoc overview. LEADING Job offers everything from a single source and is thus the antithesis to the app chaos in your agency. 





Companion through Every Transformation

Adapts to you, through all phases of business, whether expansion into new markets, M&A or management buyout. We configure LEADING Job according to your requirements and accompany you through thick and thin, no matter how nerve-wracking the journey. You have your tried and tested processes, we show you best practices and together this makes the best companion through any kind of change, for many, successful years. This is also how our clients see it, some of whom we have had the privilege of accompanying for 30 years.



Full Interconnectivity

LEADING Job automates data exchange with the rest of your company:

  • accounting,
  • HR software,
  • external planning tools,
  • business intelligence tools, etc.

Why is this so important? Automated data exchange means that data does not have to be copied manually between the different systems. This saves time and reduces the error rate.

With LEADING Job, you always keep all data up to date agency-wide, improving the accuracy of reports and forecasts. A well-integrated software landscape can also improve decision-making as all relevant data is easily accessible and updated in real time. 



Stable & Flexible Are No Contradiction

Only the best agency software is made for the biggest projects: No agency can afford system crashes. And especially when processing large amounts of data, no mistakes should be allowed to happen.

LEADING Job is stable and scalable, even for hundreds of employees. Leading Job runs ... and runs ... and runs. And at the same time is flexible enough to react quickly to changes in project scope, schedules or finances. 



Smart Finance Cockpit

CFOs need to ensure that they keep track of all financial data. LEADING Job can reduce workload, improve transparency, automate budgeting, improve flexibility and eliminate financial data errors.

LEADING Job provides automated processes for accounting, billing and financial reporting, as well as real-time data to ensure a complete overview of your agency's financial status. 



Security First

LEADING Job meets even the strictest security requirements of corporate IT and runs on the company's internal servers.

Not without reason is our software network-approved: from WPP and TBWA to Havas and Publicis to Omnicom and Dentsu Aegis, all agency networks rely on software solutions from Qualiant.



You Have to See This!

Schedule a demo today and see how LEADING Job can support your business operations. Our team will work with you to develop a customised solution that meets your agency's unique needs.


5 Steps to Implementation

  • Pflichtenheft abschicken

    Where do you want to go?

    Determine goals & requirements profile

    1 Week

  • Präsentationstermin / Pitch bei Ihnen vor Ort

    All aboard!

    Presentation of the proposed solution

    2 Weeks

  • Angebotslegung & Auftrag

    Let's get going

    Receive & accept our offer

    3 Weeks

  • Customization

    Full steam ahead!

    Introductional support & customization

    4 Weeks

  • On time at your destination

    Agency and software are ready to go

    2 Months

Time for a Change!

Loyalty is good, change is better! If your existing software solutions do not (any longer) meet your challenges, a change to LEADING Job is now twice as worthwhile!

+ Loyalty bonus 1 year -10%

+ Loyalty bonus 3 year -25%

+ Infidelity bonus -50%

When changing from old software to LEADING Job, we credit half the invoice amount on presentation of the last annual account.



Why Customers Love LEADING Job

  • Stefanie Schreiner, Head of Digital Planning, IPG Mediabrands

    The tool speeds up the process immensely and saves a lot of manual work and reconciliation. Having all master data, spendings, forecasts, etc. centrally in one system is an absolute added value and helps immensely with large reports that need to be done quickly."

    Stefanie Schreiner, Head of Digital Planning, Mediabrands Austria

  • Susanne Hoffmann, Managing Director at Palmer Hargreaves Germany

    In a phase of strong growth, we faced many challenges that could no longer be met with FileMaker tools we had developed ourselves. After carefully exploring solutions and vendors, we found the right answers with LEADING Job to further professionalize the processes in our organization."

    Susanne Hoffmann, Managing Director at Palmer Hargreaves Germany

  • Irene Sagmeister, WELOVE\TBWA Copyright Wilke

    Competent support. Smooth remote working. And the key performance indicators always under control. That's how I would describe the new online app from Leading Job. Our employees can access it remotely from anywhere, and the workflow remains stable. What I particularly love as a manager: the control options for our KPIs."

    Irene Sagmeister, CEO & owner of WELOVE\TBWA Austria

How to Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency in No Time at All

  • Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Management by Dashboard

    You have to deal with lots of information every day. Some with priority level "the roof is on fire", some with priority level "there's still time until next year" and all the shades of grey in between. LEADING Job shows you in the dashboard only what is relevant to you at that moment.

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  • Help, we're changing!

    Everything new in the agency. New structures, new locations, new departments. However, the many different and sometimes error-prone processes have remained the same. This is exactly where LEADING Job offers a solid solution!

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  • How I Learned to Love Multi-project Management

    Does this sound familiar? The flapping of a butterfly's wings in a project triggers a hurricane elsewhere in the agency and any conventional project management software reaches its limits.

    LEADING Job ensures that all tasks are assigned to the available team members in the ideal order to complete all projects in the best possible way.


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