Billing Creative Services in the Media Agency

In the context of production for print campaigns, advertising sujets often have to be tailored and adapted to different print settings. LEADING Job automatically creates a new job from each modification, which can then be invoiced further.


  • The challenge: The media schedule is ready, the advertisements in newspapers and magazines are booked. And as a trusted media agency, you are also allowed to adapt the sujets according to the print material specifications of the various publications. Your designer will be glad to carry it out. What he doesn't like to do is create a separate job for each individual adaptation.
  • The solution: LEADING Job works hand in hand with LEADING Media, the leading media purchasing tool in Austria and Switzerland, and creates the matching job for every layout variation.

Media agencies tend again to reintegrate creative services into the house. The agency software LEADING Job has been optimized for controlling the production processes involved.

And this is how it works: The client, a large bank, instructs you advertise the new online banking app in print media. The campaign was scheduled via LEADING Media, has been approved by the customer, the ad spaces in the selected media have been booked and the various sujets from the creative agency have been delivered. The task at hand is to create the right printing material from the templates. Sometimes trim sized, sometimes without bleed margin, sometimes in 4c, sometimes in gray scale, sometimes with 220dpi, sometimes with 300dpi. Depending on what the different newspapers or magazines require. " Easy as pie", your graphics team says. And thanks to the agency software LEADING Job, a new job is automatically generated for each mutation. You can log the working time on the job and then simply invoice it to the customer.