Who is afraid of the KSK audit? Nobody!

4.2% isn't a big number. And it is neither the answer to the ultimate question about life, the universe and everything. And yet, as a contribution to the German Artists' Social Insurance Fund (Künstlersozialkassa, short KSK), it gives many a CFO nightmares - when he or she thinks of the upcoming KSK audit.

It doesn't have to be like that: With LEADING Job's industry knowledge, country-specific bookkeeping pitfalls such as the German artists' social security contributions are dealt with correctly right from the start!

  • The challenge: The last tune is played, the curtain falls. Thunderous applause. The guests will bring home lasting memories of a special event, the customer is satisfied with the emotional image transfer to his brand. But after the successful event comes the KSK audit. And a shiver runs down your CFO's spine. Has the accounting department booked the 4.2% social security contribution for artists for all German stage acts? Valuable personnel and time resources are used for the preparation of the auditors. The fear of severe penalties is spreading.
  • The solution: LEADING Job already has the right presettings for dealing with external costs requiring KSK processing. And your CFO can look forward to the next KSK audit calmly.

Let Qualiant and our many years of industry experience help you remove obstacles such as social security contributions for German artists in your daily processes. Thanks to our agency software LEADING Job, our accumulated industry know-how and our comprehensive consulting services, many entrepreneurs in the creative industry successfully got rid of their worries concerning optimized processes and error-free workflows.

Let's take a close look together at where your current problems lie and let's find process-oriented solutions. In the future, you will be able to look forward to every accounting audit in the knowledge that, thanks to your new agency software LEADING Job, everything will work out as it should.