A Myriad of Invoices: Mass Data Processing Made Easy

Whether you need to import a myriad of invoices from the ad server on a monthly basis or want to integrate server logs for performance-based invoicing, LEADING Job enables you to handle the data-intensive processes typical of media and digital agencies both quickly and reliably.



  • The challenge: In media and digital agencies, a large number of receipts and invoices are generated each month. They have to be documented, digitized, checked, released, invoiced and finally transferred to the accounting department. And all of this as quickly, reliably and error-free as possible.
  • The solution: LEADING Job offers interfaces for automated data import and reliable processes for mass data processing.

Best Practice Example 1: Interface for data import from Google Adserver

An automobile manufacturer wants to launch a site-specific campaign for its 546 sales partners with 1,124 branches and commissions regional Google Ads via its agency, which each link to the car dealer closest to the person searching. Each month, 1,124 invoices are created that are relevant for performance measurement, billing and accounting. The invoices have to be available and processable as fast as possible. An easy exercise with LEADING Job, thanks to interfaces for the automated import of such large amounts of digital data.

Best Practice Example 2: Interface for performance-based agency fee

Let's stick to the example of automobile manufacturers. As part of an online campaign, test drives will be arranged. In this case, the agency's remuneration is calculated according to performance. Each scheduled test drive is recorded as a server log and a certain amount per reservation is charged to the customer. With LEADING Job, the handling of this small-scale billing method is easy: Server logs are uploaded into the system and are available in LEADING Job for further mass data processing.

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