A Bug's Life: Integration of Bugtracking & Ticketing Systems

Bug tracking and issue management are as important to an online marketing agency as points to a ladybug. And with LEADING Job you don't have to rely on your luck when integrating Jira & Co.

A perfectly normal day in the life of a web programmer: The website with integrated web shop was set up according to the customer briefing and the costumer is now diligently filling it with content via CMS. But there is still one formatting function missing! And we would now also like to have the picture gallery in landscape format. Are we already compliant with the new cookie directive? And we would like to have a remarketing integration for the remaining items in the shopping cart. Now, dear web developer, you have to decide:

  • You log errors and change requests with JIRA. Wonderful. LEADING Job has a tried and tested interface to the popular Issue Management Tool.
  • Your company uses a ticketing tool from other third-party providers. Very well. We will develop the right interface for your needs.
  • Or you decide to use LEADING Job's own ticketing functionalities. Excellent!

No matter if you use JIRA, another Issue Management Tool or LeadingJob for bug tracking: You decide according to which criteria hours, projects and services should be tracked and prepared for accounting.