Roadmap 2023: Agile at home

2023 is still young, but things are already moving ahead in the world of agency software. We are pleased to present the upcoming innovations in our agency software Leading JOB: the Kanban Board and the management of home office days. These two features will help optimise agency processes and improve teamwork.

Kanban? We can!

Kanban is an agile and visual system for managing tasks and projects, allowing work to be tracked in real time and processes to be optimised.

With the new digital Kanban Board in the Leading JOB project management module, agencies can break down projects into individual steps and display them in visual lists. This allows team members to keep an eye on the progress of the project at all times and to react flexibly to changes.

The Leading JOB Kanban Board will be able to do all these tasks:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality: Tasks can be dragged and dropped from one column to the next to document progress.
  • Task distribution: Tasks can be assigned to team members according to their authorisation and their progress can be tracked.
  • Prioritisation: Tasks can be sorted by priority within a column so that the most important tasks are completed first.
  • File attachments and comments: Files such as pictures, documents and videos can be attached and comments added via the "View more" link.
  • Notifications and reminders: Users are notified when tasks are assigned or updated and receive reminders to complete tasks on time.
    Reporting: Users can create reports to track and analyse team progress and service.
  • Access protection: One can set access levels for different users to ensure that only authorised people can access certain information.

With the implementation of the Kanban Board, Leading JOB contributes to increasing transparency and collaboration in the teams and supports in increasing productivity.

Managing home office days as easy as a pie

Home office is here to stay, even after the pandemic is over. So how do team leaders, project managers and agency heads keep track of attendance, schedule meetings and ensure that productivity does not suffer? The new function in LEADING Job makes it easy to manage the home office days (HOT) of all employees.

In the timesheet module, users can enter the days they work from home. This gives management an overview of who works from home, when and how often. Meetings can be planned specifically and it can be ensured that all participants are present.


What does the home office functionality bring for the employees? Besides more flexibility, also direct financial benefits. In Germany, taxpayers can claim six euros per home office day up to a maximum of €1,260 per year in their income tax return. In Austria, home office days are subsidised by the state with up to €300 per year. The condition for this: Continuous documentation for the fiscal authorities about each day spent working from home. With the home office functionality, the HR department can handle this for all employees in a uniform manner and without additional administrative work. The employees are immediately thanked with even more motivation in the home office.