#StayHomeStaySafe: How Secure Is Your Agency Software When Working From Home?

With the change from the office to working at home, many things are no longer interpreted so strictly: Children burst into the video conference, the dress code is abolished, private matters become public in virtual meetings and vice versa. We can deal with that. But the tricky part is in the details. What about the company's cyber security? With the agency software LEADING Job, our clients maintain the highest security standards even with remote access.


Along with the company laptop, the agency software has accompanied their employees to their homes. Working in the cloud is part of the standard repertoire of good agency software. However, a laxer implementation of the otherwise strict company guidelines can lead to major security gaps when working at home. Passwords, internal company data and confidential information travel through unsecured connections. Hackers are just waiting for companies to expose the weak spots in their IT in such times of crisis. But even in a state of emergency, diligent companies make sure that strict IT guidelines are enforced at all times and that remote access is only permitted via secure connections.

With a VPN connection to the company network, the essential step has been taken to ensure the same security standards when working at home as in the office. This was not a problem in pre-Corona times, when a small percentage of the workforce worked from home. But when an agency with 150 employees needs VPN access to the company network for everyone from one day to the next, that's a different matter. In response to the customer's request, we have therefore created a technical solution quickly and flexibly that allows secure log-in to our agency software even without a VPN connection to the respective company network.

How? With an access to the login screen of LEADING Job and Periscope secured by reverse proxies. After logging in with login and normal password, a Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) comes into play: As in online-banking, a one-time password is generated after successful login and sent to the e-mail inbox via a separate channel. This password is only known to the user and is required for access. The IT admin can determine whether this has to be done every time or for example only every two days.

One of our customers, who benefits from the secure internet access to LEADING Job, is the Vienna based agency Unique:

„We needed secure access to the time sheet recording for our employees. Within a very short time this was implemented without any problems and we could immediately forward the new access link to all colleagues working at home. The secure log-in worked perfectly right away! This really helped all of us working remotely, big kudos, thank you very much!" as the assistant to the management, Mrs. Svila Tributsch, tells us.

If you want to know more about secure online access and other security features of our agency software, please contact us!

LEADING Job, an agency software that runs safely even in Corona times.