LEADING Media: Discover the power of advanced search

Did you notice? The search mask in the planning/dispo campaign management looks a little different since the last update! We've improved the search functions to help you find the information you need faster.

Let's take a closer look at the three additional search options!

Avoid time-consuming scrolling through lists and use these three fields of the advanced search from now on:

1. Campaign validity

You can use this search function to select according to the campaign validity status. The campaign is in planning status before it is confirmed by the client. The campaign becomes valid by ticking the validity checkbox so that invoices or orders can be created.
By default, the campaign validity status is set to „all". Click on the checkbox and select the "No" option to search only for campaigns in the planning phase; click a second time and select the "Yes" option to search only for valid campaigns.

2. Media type

This function allows you to select the media types to be included in your search. All media types are selected by default. To exclude certain media types, remove the tick from "All MT" and only tick the boxes where you want to search.

3. Dispo period

The third new function to refine your search is via the dispo period. This allows you to search only for campaigns that contain at least one dispo in the desired period.

How do I use the advanced search functions?

Imagine one of the big clients that your agency handles has a question about a campaign but can't remember the exact name. However, they do know that the campaign was definitely shown on TV in January. With LEADING Media's precise search options, you can identify and optimise the relevant campaigns with just a few clicks:
Enter part or all of the customer name in the text field. Set the checkbox for "Campaign validity" to "yes", select television as the media type and enter 1 January 2024 to 31 January 2024 as the dispo period.
Clear the client-product-campaign fields and then click on the "Search" button.
And voilà, instead of having to scroll through the seemingly endless list of 386 campaigns of this key account, you get a much shorter list in which you can identify the campaign you are looking for much more quickly.

Previously: Long list of results

Now: Precise search result

How can I activate the advanced search functions?

The new search functions are greyed out in your agency and cannot be clicked on? Then request the add-on for the extended search options in planning/dispo campaign management now.

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