How to use the receipt number search correctly

The receipt number search is a practical function to save time and make daily work in media planning and the billing department easier. Are you looking for a specific supplier invoice, client invoice or order? Simply enter the corresponding receipt number in the search field and the results list will show all relevant receipts.

Click on "Planning/Dispo" in the menu and then on "Search receipt no.". The search mask opens. Enter the receipt number you are looking for and click on "Ok".



Particularly practical: For supplier invoices, the system searches for both the internal and external number. For example, if you have an invoice from a supplier with only the external number, you will find the corresponding document in the system immediately.

How to work with the results list

The results list provides a clear overview of the receipts found: the first column shows the type of receipt (CI (VZ, Hon-CI,...) SI (cross SI) or order), followed by the internal number in the second column and the external number in the third column. The status of the receipt (e.g. if it is a cancellation) is also shown. Past receipts are also displayed in the results list, which enables a complete and transparent history.
The receipts can also be displayed from this point (depending on access rights). Receipts with the number you are looking for that are attributed to other agencies are also displayed here in the results list. However, you cannot open these receipts from other agencies directly, but must switch agencies to do so.

Gateway to campaigns

Another practical function of the receipt number search is the option to jump directly from the search results to the corresponding campaign. With a simple click, the user can switch seamlessly between searching for receipts and editing campaigns.

Practical application in daily routine

How does the receipt search help in everyday working life? Let's say a publisher calls and asks whether there are any follow-up orders for a campaign that has been commissioned. By simply entering the corresponding order number in the document search, you can jump directly from the document to the campaign. You can see that no further orders are planned and can provide the publisher with information immediately.

Overall, the receipt number search is an extremely practical function in LEADING Media that significantly improves the workflow in media planning. Its ability to search both internal and external numbers, its clear list of results, the seamless integration with campaigns and the time saved on repeat searches make it an indispensable tool for efficient work in this area.

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