LEADING Job Minitutorials: How to create an offer

This mini-tutorial series on the basics of the agency software LEADING Job is about the quick and easy creation of a quotation in the modul "Cost estimate".

In four short videos we show you how to create a quotation, send it to the client, incorporate change requests and create a job from it after the client's OK.


Step 1: Creating a new cost estimate

In the cost estimate module, click on the "New" button in the right-hand window, then on "New template based cost estimate".

Select the appropriate template and campaign and click on "Create".
Enter a name and PO number for the quotation. Add the required team members and save the quotation.
As a result, you will have created a very comprehensive quote in no time at all, which you can send by e-mail directly from the program.

Step 2: Sending quotation to client

 In the field on the bottom right, an accompanying text for sending the quotation by email has already been generated from the master data.

With only two clicks the quotation is sent to the customer.

Step 3: Changing quotation according to client suggestions

 If you want to change the quotation, first click on "New" and then on " New revision of selected cost estimate". In the right-hand window, change the name of the quotation to "XYZ 2".

With a few clicks you can change details in the quotation: reduce the price here, delete a position there or move several positions with drag&drop.

Then the accompanying text for the mail dispatch can be edited and the new quotation is saved. You can then send it straight to the client.

Step 4: Creating a job from the quotation

 The customer has accepted the quotation with his signature, yeay! Now you can easily create a job afterwards. The relevant quotation is marked, then you click on "Generate job" and then on " Go to job".

To attach the signed quotation to the job immediately, click on "Documents" in the newly created job and then on "Add new document".
Drag and drop the PDF into the upload window and click on "Save document".

The job to the quotation is ready.

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