LEADING Job Release Note 23.8

With the fourth update in 2023, we have revised the table layout, simplified the download of layouts, made the currency module available in the master data, added two new reports and made the display of task information visible in project and resource management even without assignment in the job team.

In addition to these six major changes, we have made the software even more stable by optimising 14 functions and making small improvements.

In the web application of Leading JOB each update only takes place after prior consultation with the customer. You can test the new features first in your test database.



1. Tables in all modules revised

The tables in all modules have been fundamentally revised.
They now offer the filter button on the left-hand side of the column description as usual, as well as a hover button on the right-hand side, which allows the entries to be sorted in ascending and descending order:

Furthermore, the totals rows (only visible if there are also totalizable columns in the display) are always at the bottom of the table.

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2. New selection for displaying or downloading layouts

LEADING Job tries to open layouts of cost estimates or client invoices in a separate window, but your browser does not allow popups?

To save you from having to explicitly enable popups, and to comply with common web standards (where it is not common to automatically open new files in a new window unless requested by the user), we have implemented a new dialog.

This now automatically follows for cost estimates, orders and client invoices (and their drafts as well) as soon as the "Preview" button is clicked:

Of course, you don't have to make this decision every time.
You can also decide for yourself in your user settings whether you prefer to be asked all the time or "always download" or "always preview" is your preferred option:

The new rule applies to these areas of downloadable/printable files:

  • Cost estimates
  • Order
  • Client invoice drafts
  • Client invoices
  • Scan documents for supplier invoices
  • Documents in the status management
  • Documents in the "Communication" widget
  • Documents in one of the "Additional information"
  • Job survey
  • "Hours per client/product" report
  • Report "Hour analysis per job"

The results of reports not mentioned in this list will of course continue to be downloaded automatically during export or opened in the corresponding application (e.g. Excel), because we assume that this data will be used for further processing anyway.
These are therefore excluded from the above change.

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Master data

3. Currencies now available and new function added

The master data module for managing "Currencies" was migrated with version 23.8.0 and is now available via the menu button under "Administration -> Master data -> Currencies":

The corresponding button automatically displays the number of currencies active in the system:

If you want to edit a currency, select it from the list displayed and then click on the "Modify currency for agency" button, whereby you can select one at this point if you have several agencies:

The editing window for the selected currency will now open:

  • Check the "use currency" checkbox to activate this currency for your system.
  • You can decide whether the settings should only apply to the selected agency or to all agencies.
  • The accounting code of the currency must be specified by your accounting department.
  • Now define the exchange rates for buying and selling in this currency.
  • "New exchange rate" allows you to use a different exchange rate from a key date.

If the date and exchange rates have been adjusted under this option, supplier invoices and client invoices with a date before the cut-off date are converted at the old exchange rate shown above.

If the date of the supplier invoice or client invoice is after this key date, the new exchange rate is used for the conversion.

  • Now define the conversion basis for the rounding base in accordance with the printed specifications.

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Project and resource management

4. Display of task information without assignment in the job team

It happens from time to time that employees are assigned to tasks, but they are not part of the job team?

These employees can now call up the description of a task assigned to them, even if they are not assigned to the job itself:

In the event that there are employees (e.g. traffic managers) who should still be able to see all the information of a task without being assigned to a job (i.e. not just the task description), the new privilege

[Project/Resource management}-> 'Access service data for assigned tasks (even if job is not assigned)'

has been added.

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5. New report for displaying members in limit groups

Do you lack a clear overview of who is authorized to issue which approvals in your company?

With the current version, we offer you exactly this in the reporting.
The new report can be found under the "Authorization limits" button:

You will now be asked whether you want to retrieve this report for the current agency only, or for all agencies in the system:

The result now provides you with a clear overview of which employees are assigned to which limit groups, and where specifically the limits of these limit groups are set:

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6. New report to display the members in the teams

Do you also want to keep track of the current employee assignments to teams in the web application?

Version 23.8.0 offers the new "Employee teams" report for this purpose, which you can call up by clicking on the corresponding button:

Here too, the system offers you the decision as to whether you only want to see the teams of the current agency, or those of all agencies:

The resulting report shows you the list of employees with their team assignment(s), as well as the project, accounting and timesheet managers responsible in the team:

Of course, the new reports can also be exported in the formats you are already used to.

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