LEADING Job Release Note 23.2

We are entering 2023 with a wave of innovation! The latest update takes LEADING Job's stability to a new level by fixing 39 minor bugs. But that's not all: we have added or fundamentally revised seven practical functions to give you as an agency even more effective tools.

In the web application of Leading JOB each update only takes place after prior consultation with the customer. You can test the new features first in your test database.



1. Privileges and function groups are saved even after deactivation of login 

Employees, maybe also freelancers, can come and go.
That means it may happen that deactivated employees have to be reactivated again.
Up until now, when unchecking "Allow Login", the privileges and function groups associated with the deactivated employee were removed at the same time.

With version 23.2.0 this has now changed so that employees and short-term hired freelancers, who have already been deactivated once, can be reactivated and immediately have the permissions originally assigned to them again.

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2. E-mail notification when activating and deactivating employees

Would you like to be notified automatically when employees are activated or deactivated, or when changes are made to employee data?

From now on automatically generated e-mail notifications can be sent.

The necessary settings can be found in the system settings under "General".

It is possible to send these notifications to two fixed e-mail addresses:

  • Employee changes: Send info mail? -> Yes/No
  • Employee changes: E-mail address 1 -> address of the first employee
  • Employee changes: E-mail address 2 -> address of the second employee

If the notifications are basically activated and the mail addresses are entered, notifications will be sent if:

  • An employee leaves the company, i.e. the checkbox "Allow login" is deactivated.
  • An employee is (re-)activated, when the checkbox "Allow login" is activated.
  • Changes are made to an employee (the exact changes can be seen in the change report)

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3. Simplified login: use your e-mail address instead of the user code

With the current version 23.2.0, it has been added that employees can also log in with their e-mail address as an alternative to the user code.
The password setting remains unchanged.

The change can be made in the system settings.
Under the heading "Password/Login" you will find the settings number 25 and 26, which allow the login with e-mail address, as well as the decision whether the business or the private address from the employee master data should be used for this.

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Master data

4. Locked books are displayed immediately when creating new entries

For new entries in all modules that are based on a book for the sequence of numbers, it is now already displayed in the selection field if a book has been "blocked" in the master data.

Here an example of a new supplier invoice:

If an attempt is nevertheless made to select the blocked book, a message appears as usual, which also contains the justification text stored in the master data:

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5. The "Add job" button is now even easier to find

For a better overview and simplification, the button for adding jobs in the timesheets has been moved to the beginning of the line:

At the same time, the previous link to the job via the job number has been removed at this point.

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6. New function: labelling of home office days

In the timesheets we have implemented the possibility to mark working days as home office days.

In the timesheet widget, a day can be marked as a home office day right at the beginning:

This marking is then automatically transferred to the mask where timesheets can be entered.

In the weekly timesheets, there is a line above the hour service lines with corresponding checkboxes:

In the stopwatch, you will find the corresponding marker at the top, just to the right of the daily and weekly totals:

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7. New report: Analysis of working days spent in the home office

In addition to the new function for marking home office days, there is of course also a new report.

Under the menu item "Reports" you will find the new entry "Home Office Days":

After clicking on the button you will get to the selection window:

This offers you the possibility to set the period for which you want to query the home office days of employees.

Furthermore, you can decide whether you want to display all active employees, inactive employees or both.

In the field "Employees" you can select either "All" or individual employees, of course also in a multiple selection.

The result now provides you with an overview that shows you the employee(s) together with the year, week, date, day of the week, as well as all cross totals and a total at the end:

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