LEADING Job Release Note 21.10

What's new? We've replaced the breadcrumbs in the title bar with module names, provided new reports to display the workflow, and enabled the practical additional information for customers, suppliers, and invoice recipients as well. These are just three of the nine new features we present in Release Note 21.10.


In Periscope, the web application of LEADING Job, each update only takes place after prior consultation with the customer. You can test the new features first in your test database.



1. Breadcrumbs in title bar replaced by module names

The previously existing breadcrumb solution in the title bar of Periscope has been replaced by clearly recognizable names of the respective called module:

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2. New button for sending test mails in the mail templates

Do you like the ability to customize the mail templates from the system, but would like to be able to send yourself a mail to preview?

This is possible from now on, as we have implemented such a feature for all email templates in Periscope.

You can find it as usual under the menu button in "Administration -> System":

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3. Possibility to hide the confirmation messages

The respective green success messages, yellow warning messages, and blue information messages that are briefly displayed in the upper right corner when saving entries (with fade out) can now be disabled if desired.

You can find the new setting options in the user preferences:

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4. Merged indicators in the positions

The three indicators

  • Is chargeable
  • Lump sum
  • How should the service be invoiced?

have been merged due to the logical connection within the position management, and are now displayed one below the other:

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Master data

5. Additional information available for clients, suppliers and invoice recipients

The already known function "Additional information" is now also available for the master data entries:

  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Invoice recipients

These are available for setup under "Administration > System", as already known from other modules:

After selecting a master data module, please click on "Add new entry", select the type of entry (text, date, checkbox, etc.), fill in the desired fields, and then click on "Save" (below using the example of "Client"):

In the master data of Periscope you will now find another tab "Additional information", which contains your selected entries for editing:


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Client invoices

6. VAT fulfilment date can be enabled for display

You use the VAT fulfillment date on supplier invoices, and would like to have this also available for client invoices, or their proposals?

With version 21.10 we offer you the possibility to unlock this date for the use of client invoices.

Please contact our support team at job.support@qualiant.at.

After activation, the date will appear together with the known booking data:

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7. New report for displaying the workflow (status and notifications)

As you know, under "Administration -> System -> Workflows" you can activate or deactivate all changes to status in the system, based on from and to status, as well as define the general notification for each status change.

For a better overview of this rather long list of possibilities, we now offer a report, which you can filter, and of course also export (e.g. directly to an Excel file):


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Contact LEADING Job Support

Do you have questions about the current Release Note? You have discovered a problem with the current version? Talk to us! Here is your direct line to LEADING Job Support:

+43 1 503 6644



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