Budget Cuts in PR: How to Deal with Them?

According to a study by Cision, shrinking communication budgets are putting the industry's agencies worldwide to the test. PR agencies see the biggest budget cuts within the communications industry.

This means being particularly mindful when it comes to handling time and personnel resources. LEADING Job is there to support you with this essential task.



The challenge: Tight PR budgets require an intelligent calculation. You are always on the lookout for a way to save administrative working time and to invest it into your actual project business. And you want to make the best possible use of all employee resources.

The solution: Stop wasting resources! With the agency software LEADING Job you save time, nerves and money.


Do you still use Excel sheets for planning processes and resource management? Or do you already use here one software tool and there another? And you are annoyed about the high internal coordination efforts and the time and money lost due to the missing integration of the different tools in the entire agency workflow?

If you want to communicate topics effectively despite tight budgets, you have to integrate and digitize the core processes from planning to implementation across the various teams.

With the agency software LEADING Job, PR agencies are able to better manage their working hours. Clear specifications and time limits per project or client are easier to adhere to. You set the deadline and the agency software ensures that all existing personnel resources are optimally deployed. In this way you lead all projects to success.

LEADING Job is the advocate for your projects, especially when budgets are tight. After each change in the project plan, tens of thousands of calculations run in the background so that all resources are deployed in real time where they are most effective for the company's success.

Link to the Cision study  "Global Comms Report"