Sing Halleluja: The Power of Interfaces

Classic public relations work is no longer adequate. In digital communication, speed is the trump card and content is king. The use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies can become a decisive competitive advantage.

Thanks to open interfaces, LEADING Job can integrate the tools in use into the agency workflow.



The challenge: Digitalisation requires the use of many new tools and new social media platforms.

The solution: Thanks to open interfaces, LEADING Job integrates all the tools employed and helps to streamline processes and save time.


Agencies react differently to the challenges of digitalization: Some develop internal structures with their own social intranet/ collaboration platform. Others rely on new instruments for communication planning, implementation and evaluation such as Cision, Yesspress, or Scompler. In both cases, the new processes have to be integrated into the daily workflow in a way that avoids media discontinuities and organizational bottlenecks. The digital world of communication is fast-paced, and short reaction times are a prerequisite for creating communicative harmony.

Which tools do you want to integrate into LEADING Job? As soon as the interfaces have been programmed, your employees can

  • Share social media editorial plans with the project team without losing time
  • Share responses to online comments or
  • Edit invoices for influencer events.

In addition, LEADING Job also includes by default

  • integrated document management,
  • a unique employee and resource planning system, and
  • chat communication in the project team.