Higher, Faster, Further - Managing Resources Correctly

The expectations placed on events are constantly growing. So this year's Christmas party must of course exceed last year's. And this year's trade fair appearance must not lag behind the last one.

With the resource management of LEADING Job, the balancing act between limited agency resources and rising customer expectations is successfully achieved.


  • The challenge: Corporate events are getting bigger, more extravagant and more elaborate. This significantly increases the pressure on internal resources and structures and makes projects more and more complex.
  • The solution: With LEADING Job's resource management you always know how much capacity is still available, where things are getting tight and where your intervention is required. LEADING Job ensures that costs and deadlines are met, even for the most complicated projects.

LEADING Job's resource management enables you to achieve two goals at once:

Cost loyalty: In agencies, the most expensive resource is usually the hours worked by employees. Personnel costs often account for between half and three quarters of running costs. With LEADING Job you can ensure the ideal workload for your employees.

Keeping to deadlines: The first project is still in the offer phase, the second is just entering the hot phase and the third event will take place tomorrow. Don't lose your head! LEADING Job takes into account the workload and availability of employees who are suitable for a task. In order to land a project precisely, it is sufficient to fix the deadline, LEADING Job will find the optimal way to get there for you.