Media1 Conclusion After proDigi Start: Time Saved, Errors Eliminated

This recommendation comes from the heart: Since the introduction of proDigi as a tool for planning and handling digital campaigns in September 2022, the digital department of the Viennese media agency Media1 has already saved a lot of time and eliminated sources of error, as Roman Breithofer, Head of Digital Media, tells us with satisfaction.

Why did Media 1 decide to use proDigi In? "Having good ideas is one thing. Getting them to the ground, as efficiently as possible, is the other. To this end, we use the Qualiant tool proDigi to plan and implement our digital media plans," Breithofer sums it up.

For the agency, the tool is a natural extension of the Leading Media stack it has been using for many years. "With proDigi, we save time and minimize sources of error along all work steps, all the way to success monitoring and billing," says Breithofer.

Breithofer is also very satisfied with the support for the tool: "The professional, very committed support of the Qualiant team during setup, training and ongoing adaptation of the tool to our specific needs and wishes deserves special mention."

We hope you continue to enjoy working with Leading Media proDigi!

Roman Breithofer is Head of Digital Media at Media1, an Austrian media agency with an international focus.