proDigi: True Added Value for Digital Campaigns

The introduction of proDigi was a big step forward for the digital media planning of the agency group Mediabrands. With Mediabrands as a test customer in the beta phase, Qualiant's developers were able to incorporate many practice-relevant features and desired functions of the digital media planners even before the launch.




Stefanie Schreiner, Head of Digital Planning at Mediabrands is an enthusiastic power user of the practical tool. In the interview, she tells us what has changed in her department since they started working with proDigi, what her favorite feature is and why she would highly recommend proDigi.

What has changed in digital campaign planning since you started working with proDigi?

With proDigi, it is no longer necessary to send cost modules by mail, but each unit can easily integrate its placements into the campaign. For many positions we have created templates that ensure uniformity in the data across all teams and we work automatically. The result is a cleanly planned digital campaign, which then provides the basis for the setup, for any evaluations and also for the billing.

"Import/export functions speed up the workflow immensely and save us a lot of manual work and adjustments."

We use master data, which is there anyway, much more through proDigi and everything has a specific, necessary uniformity.

Where do you see the advantages of proDigi compared to Excel macros or your previous digital tool?

Other genres like TV, PRINT etc. have always been planned via Leading Media. We did not use the system for digital planning because it was not "fit enough" for digital. proDigi is now the digital add-on and is in no way inferior to planning in Excel - on the contrary: 

"Having all master data, spendings, forecasts etc. centrally in one system is an absolute added value and helps immensely with large evaluations that sometimes have to be done quickly."

What would you miss most if you could no longer work with proDigi?

Then we would have to do a lot more manually, we would have to compare, we would have to process a lot of data twice and that would no longer be up to date. Without proDigi we would take a big step backwards.

Which is your favourite function and why?

Definitely the target value search. But basically our wish was to have all the functions that we also used in Excel. This wish came true. We can even "communicate" with colleagues in proDigi, i.e. leave notes that pop up when someone opens the digital plan. I'm simply thrilled with the functions and I'm sure that this is far from all that proDigi can do.

How satisfied are you with the quality of support you receive at Qualiant?

"The support is often faster than I am."

I am constantly getting feedback from about 25 colleagues, so good support on Qualiant's part is just worth its weight in gold. The team at Qualiant is great. I explain my concerns from a planning point of view and they recognise, structure and solve it from a "database point of view" and thus we always come very quickly to a really great result, which is goal-oriented and logical for everyone. Furthermore, they always think one step ahead and have an overview of all the effects for the whole of Leading Media.

Would you recommend proDigi or Leading Media to others?

Our industry is so fast-moving that you simply have to use the full power of systems and also put the necessary trust in them. In the digital team we have countless systems in the setup, so we simply need a good, central system that bundles all the information. Leading Media per se already offers so many useful functions that make our daily work much easier and has many more functions that we probably still don't use enough.

"Thanks to proDigi, we now have everything from one source and all figures and data in one central system."

Stefanie Schreiner is Head of Digital Planning at the agency group Mediabrands Austria, which includes the agencies UM PanMedia, Initiative, Reprise as well as a number of special agencies such as MAGNA, Matterkind, Orion and more.