Cloud vs. On Premise: The Right Choice for In-House Agencies

Nowadays almost every agency software runs in the cloud. The advantages of location-independent, flexible working, with software that is always up-to-date, are obvious. And yet there are situations in which there is no way around an on-premise installation.

Does this sound familiar to you as an in-house agency?


Cloud-based software is hosted externally on the software provider's servers and accessed via a web browser. On-premise software is installed locally, on the company's own computers and servers, and works even without an Internet connection. Security is often the main concern of the parent company of in-house agencies when choosing their agency software. No wonder, considering the critical information stored in an ERP system - including company finances, trade secrets, employee information, customer lists and more. On-site agency software puts more control in the hands of the business and enables it to protect even the most sensitive information from cyber attacks. LEADING Job meets even the most stringent security requirements of your corporate IT and runs on the company's internal servers. LEADING Job is available in the cloud version "Periscope" as well as a conventional On Premise System. If you as an in-house agency decide for the On Premise installation, this has no disadvantage for you in terms of price. With the On Premise variant you also benefit from the low entry costs of cloud software and can do without high up-front license fees. Unlimited support by phone, chat & mail and a regular update service are naturally included in LEADING Job, whether in the cloud or on your own PCs.