Optimised Navigation: From the Checking List Directly to the Campaign

With our latest additional function, we offer you a seamless way to navigate between the checking list and the campaigns it contains. In this blog article, we would like to introduce you to this new function in detail.

The checking list - your main control centre

The checking list is a central tool in LEADING Media. It gives you a comprehensive overview of all positions in the system. Previously, it was necessary to close the checking list in order to switch to a specific campaign and then reload the list. This meant additional effort and potential loss of valuable time, as checking lists often contain large amounts of data and opening and closing them takes time, even with the fastest computer.

New additional function: direct navigation to the campaign

Imagine you have the checking list with all of a client's cinema dispositions in front of you. And you just want to quickly see a specific piece of information about a certain position. But this would be in a column that has just been hidden. Or you would have to scroll to the column at the very edge of the list. Or add the column to the list from scratch.

With the new additional function, you can now switch directly from the checking list to the corresponding campaign, find the information there at a glance and switch back to the checking list overview with a single click. This allows you to quickly and efficiently access specific details or make adjustments without losing track.

How the new function works:

  • Navigating to the campaign: Simply select a position in your checking list and switch directly to the associated campaign. There are three different ways to do this, either by clicking on the "Campaign" button at the bottom right of the window, by clicking on the "Campaign" icon in the menu bar or simply by double-clicking on the selected position in the list.

  • Checking list in the background: While you are working in the campaign, the checking list remains open in the background. You can switch back at any time without having to reopen the list.

  • Return to the checking list: From the campaign, you can seamlessly return to the checking list listbox.

Attention: Any changes you make in the campaign are not automatically transferred to the checking list that is open in the background. To ensure that your checking list is always up to date, you must close and recreate it once you have completed your work. The first time you jump directly from the checking list to a campaign, you will also receive a corresponding warning message.

Request the additional function

We are convinced that this new additional function will make your work with LEADING Media even more efficient. To activate this function, please contact us via our support team. We will be happy to help you and ensure that you can use this valuable addition to your media planning software.