Innovation 2024: LEADING Job sets standards with AI integration in agency software

IIn a dynamic agency environment, efficiency and precision are crucial for success. How can LEADING Job, an already mature and highly specialised agency software, provide even more support here?

The answer lies in the integration of artificial intelligence. In 2024, we are doing everything we can to make the benefits of this technology available to our customers.

Our development department has already made exciting progress. Join us on a short journey into the fascinating world of AI possibilities.


Automated invoice recognition

Revolutionise the processing of supplier invoices with our innovative AI technology. LEADING Job can not only recognise header data such as date and invoice number, but also read detailed items with descriptions and values. Our beta version already supports English-language documents, with plans for other languages. The aim is to automatically recognise invoices from different sources and seamlessly integrate them into the agency software system.

Extended master data extraction

Our next AI integration aims to optimise master data management in the agency software. LEADING Job will be able to extract complete supplier master data, including IBAN and UID, from supplier invoices. This data is automatically entered into the system and can be compared with the original image for verification. This eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry in the agency software.

Intelligent e-mail correspondence

The organisation of email correspondence is simplified with our AI-supported solution in the agency software. LEADING Job automatically recognises, classifies and assigns emails to the corresponding projects. This makes the documentation and archiving of communications much more efficient.

These innovative goals are part of our long-term vision for LEADING Job in the agency software. Our dedicated team is working hard to perfect these technologies and always provide you with the best possible solutions in agency software. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements about our AI integrations!