Fine, thanks, and you? How Remote Work is done at Qualiant

How long have you been working in a home-office environment? It's been a week since our colleagues packed their laptops, notepads and screens under their arms and moved their workplace into the living room at home.

Even though the decision to do so was made without any lead time, the transition went surprisingly smoothly: information on home office operations was published on our website, the telephone system was reviewed, newspapers were cancelled and mail was redirected. Via VPN connections, our company network is equally accessible to all employees, no matter where they are at home. Video calls take over the function of personal meetings, e-mails are used even more intensively than usual.

Our support team has received, processed and successfully answered inquiries from Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria in the last few days. Many members of our development team have long been used to working remotely. Our way of working has proven itself even under the now prevailing containment measures, customer support continues as usual and the IT systems of our cloud customers are all in full operation.

Here are the contact addresses of our support departments again:


So thanks to our contingency plans (which every responsible company should have) we did everything right. Two little things that came to our minds on the first closing day should also be mentioned:

  • Newspapers and mail should also be redirected and
  • the milk in the fully automatic coffee machine should be removed before leaving the office

Another two points more in our continuity planning.

The daily business continues to run like clockwork. But what does it do to people mentally? Fear and worry put an additional strain on the immune system, lack of exercise does the rest. Qualiant does not let its employees down in this case either: The Facebook group that was set up especially for this state of emergency replaces our hallway-Bassena*. In the WhatsApp group we laugh about the best corona home office memes (we lose the humor last!). And a very special treat is the joint yoga lesson, which is now broadcast live via YouTube into our living rooms.

*Bassena: Public fountain in old Austrian buildings, which served as meeting place for the house inhabitants to exchange gossip.