LEADING Job Minitutorials: How to create, change, send & cancel a client invoice

Our mini-tutorial series on the basics of the LEADING Job agency software continues, this time focusing on the "client invoice" module

In videos #25 to #30 we show you how to use interim invoicing to secure the agency's liquidity, create several client invoices at once, send them to the client, incorporate change requests with 1 click and, if necessary, cancel them.

Maintaining a stable cash flow with interim invoicing

Let's start with how to do interim invoices to settle the costs that have accumulated in the meantime.

You select the job in question and click on the icon "Create draft invoices".
You select the option "Only consider external services with existing supplier invoices". This ensures that open items for which there are no approved incoming invoices in the company are not billed in advance.
Then you select "Continue entering time sheets", because the job is still running.
The outgoing invoice proposal has been created, by clicking on "Switch to client invoice" and then on "Preview" the interim invoice is ready for dispatch. All chargeable costs are settled at the end of the month as agreed and liquidity is maintained.

Create more than one client invoice in one go


If you want to create several invoices at once that' s an easy feat. You select the relevant jobs in the overview list, click on the button ""Create draft invoices" and then on "Create".
LEADING Job informs you, that a third-party invoice has not been taken into account because it does not yet have all the signatures required in-house and has therefore not yet been approved.
When you switch to the client invoice you get the list of the finished draft invoices.

Create client invoices for all jobs in one go

Don't you look forward to the monthly billing? With LEADING Job you will!
You select all open jobs by clicking on "Select all" under "default options". Then you click on the button "Create draft invoices" and then on "Create".
I receive a list of invoice proposals for all chargeable job positions that have not yet been passed on to the customers. Now you can check and charge each invoice. In this way you ensure  the liquidity of the agency.

Send client invoices to customers

Now that you have created the client invoice draft, you are ready to send the invoice to the customer.
For this purpose you first check the invoice with "Preview". When everything's fine, you select "Send to client". You confirm that you want to create an invoice from the draft. LEADING Job has now sent the invoice as a PDF attachment to the e-mail address that was registered with this customer.

Change client invoice with one click

You have to readdress a client invoice draft to a subsidiary in a different country? Easy! You select the draft invoice you want to change and click on "Preview". In our example, the invoices of this multinational client are normally sent from an Austrian advertising agency to the Austrian client.
Accordingly, the form fields and form titles appear in German, the VAT is preset to 20% and the currency is preset to Euro.

However, this time the invoice should be sent to the client's subsidiary in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where LEADING Job uses forms in English.

To do this, I select the Swiss location of the company in the field "Invoice recipient". Now LEADING Job recognises that English should be used as the language and Swiss francs as the currency. The VAT is also automatically omitted. Now I click on "Save", then again "Preview".

It doesn't get any easier than this: with just one click, currency, language, financial accounts, VAT and debtor code) were changed correctly and reliably.
The accounting data using foreign accounts were also generated correctly.

Cancel client invoice

Happens now and again: a customer asks to issue an invoice to another subsidiary. In the list of client invoices you then select the corresponding invoice and choose the action "Cancel invoice without e-mail". Since nothing should change except the new recipient, you select "Generate drafts" in the cancellation dialogue window and confirm with "Ok".
In the list of client invoices the old invoice is listed as "Invoice (cancelled)". "Invoice (Cancellation)" is the corresponding credit note, which can also be sent to the client if required.

If I now switch to the list of draft invoices, I find the draft created for the cancelled invoice. I can now edit it again and issue a new invoice with the changed invoice recipient. The accounting data has also been logged completely correctly.

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