LEADING Job Release Note 21.9

LEADING Job is faster, better and has even more functions with Release Note 21.9.

We have made the system settings searchable, made the practical additional information available for addresses as well, moved the timesheet to the cloud and improved the selection of suppliers and document types.

In addition, stability has been further improved by fixing eleven small bugs.

In Periscope, the web application of LEADING Job, each update only takes place after prior consultation with the customer. You can test the new features first in your test database.


1. Visual revision of the system settings and search function

The system settings have been visually redesigned and now offer a search function to improve convenience when changes are made by the local administrator:

With the new field above the list of system settings, it is now possible to filter by keywords to get a list of matching settings:

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Master data

2. Additional information available for addresses

The already known function "Additional information" is now also available for the basic addresses in the master data:

In addition to the function already known from other modules in recently released versions to configure text fields, dates, etc. for personalized use, there are also a number of additional functions set up for addresses by Qualiant.

This is the information already known from Leading Job, which is used to manage the addresses.
Likewise, this information is partly used for printing on layouts, forwarding to the accounting system by means of accounting export, as well as the creation of electronic invoices:

Under "Administration -> Master data -> Addresses" you will find from now on these entries at the individual entries for editing:

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3. List of timesheets available in Periscope

You already work in Periscope, but still miss the timesheet administration?

With version 21.9, the basic management of timesheets has now been migrated to Periscope.
This can be found as a new menu item under "Timesheet":

The list of timesheets can now be filtered according to the existing filter criteria of the individual columns in Periscope, and also offers the possibility to move timesheets:

A click on the button "Change timesheets" opens an intermediate window, in which the previously selected timesheets can be moved to other jobs, or e.g. their chargeability, or also the service category on which the timesheets are based can be changed:

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4. Improvements in the selection of supplier and service category

For a better handling of the service catalogue, as well as of suppliers whose predefined service category differs from the settings of an external position, the rules for the selection have been adapted.

If, for example, a service catalogue is selected whose service category does not match that of the supplier you have selected, the service category predefined for the supplier is now reset in an external position to the extent that the service category you have selected is retained.


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