LEADING Job Release Note 21.5

What's new in LEADING Job? In Release Note 21.5, we introduce you to six new functions. Read here how you can use the additional information in the master data, how you can better evaluate detailed information in the reports, and how the automatic notification in project management can make your daily agency life easier.

With the fifth update, we have also taken care of 17 small cosmetic flaws in the code.

In Periscope, the web application of LEADING Job, each update only takes place after prior consultation with the customer. You can test the new features first in your test database.


1. New column search for date and number ranges

Too many search fields in the columns? As we all know, less is sometimes more.

In all columns for date and number ranges, regardless of the module, we have removed superfluous search fields, and added a tooltip to the field.

Using the example of a search for the numbers of supplier invoices:

Previously, there were two fields here, a "from" field, and a "to" field.
From now on, there is only a single field there, which can be used in different ways:

As described in the tooltip, you can...

  • perform an exact search by typing only the number of the invoice you are looking for.
  • define a range, e.g. by typing in "3..9".
  • search everything from number 1 to a specific incoming invoice, for example by typing "..8" in the field
  • starting with a number, e.g. "4...", and search for everything from this number to the last current supplier invoice. 

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Master data

2. "Additional information" now also available for employees

The newest module, which offers the possibility for entering additional information, is the administration of employees.

Under "Administration -> System -> Additional information"

you can now manage additional information for employees, such as "day of birth":

The corresponding field can now be found under "Administration -> Master data -> User" as the penultimate tab:

In the overview, you can also see whose birthday date is still missing to be added:

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3. Copy position and switch directly to the job

Copying a position from one job to another seems too complicated because you have to call up the new job afterwards?

In the future, we will save you the search and unnecessary clicks by offering the option to switch to this job immediately via a link when copying a position to another job:

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4. New columns for the orders in the job survey

Wouldn't it be useful in the job survey, with regard to the expected expenses, to reference to the respective orders of the positions?

From version 21.5 we will show you this information. The Excel export of the job survey, type "standard" and if "detailed to positions", contains two new columns:

  • Order number
  • Order status

These columns now show clearly which orders are still open, which have already been completed and where there are third-party or media services that have not yet been ordered at all.

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5. Multiple selections in dropdown lists for reports

You need several jobs from a dropdown list to add them to the selection for a report?

In order to make your daily reporting work easier, it is now possible to select several entries within a dropdown list and then add them to the list to be reported.

The list no longer closes immediately after a selection (e.g. of a job), but remains open until all desired jobs have been selected, and then a click outside the dropdown area is performed:

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Projekt- und Ressourcenmanagement

6. Automatic mail reminder before a task is due

A task is about to be due and you would like to be reminded of it a self-selected number of days in advance? We now offer this function. From now on, you will be reminded via e-mail when a task is a certain number of days before the due date.


For this purpose, under "Administration -> System -> System settings"

a new setting has been added:

Project/task/resource management -> Send email: number of days before due date

A value entry from 1 to X days activates the automatic notification.
If you enter 0, the sending of this notification is deactivated.

The new default text for sending is of course customizable and can be found as HTML text under "Administration -> System -> Email templates":

At the end of the list with the prefix "Task" you can select the template with a click at "configure":

The template offers the possibility to make your own adjustments. As usual, the possible system variables for inclusion in the text can be found in the right-hand section of the window. And you can add more languages, besides German and English.

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