LEADING Job Release Note 20.8

Have you already discovered the three new features of LEADING Job? Here you can find out which features we added or updated in August 2020.

In Periscope, the web application of LEADING Job, each update only takes place after prior consultation with the customer. You can test the new features first in your test database.

Master Data

1. New predefined user privilege groups available

The administration of user privileges groups (function groups) in LEADING Job seems too complex to you?

You would like to use simple standards that meet the needs of the respective position in the company?

With the current version Qualiant provides predefined rights groups which can be easily assigned to the respective employee groups.The new groups are:

  • Accounting (standard)
  • CEO (standard)
  • CFO (Standard)
  • Client service junior (standard)
  • Client service senior (standard)
  • Controlling (standard)
  • Creatives (standard)
  • Project management (standard)
  • Reception / SI creation (standard)

In a first step, the privleges were assigned according to our longlasting experience.
We also make sure that these groups are always adapted to the constantly changing privileges.

If possible, we ask for a gradual transition to these standardized privileges groups.

If you miss a specific privilege in a group, please send us an e-mail to job.support@qualiant.at

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2. Accounting export now also available in Periscope

You want to work only with Periscope, the browser-based Version of LEADING Job, but you miss the possibility to export your accounting data from there?

From now on you can easily export and save your accounting data in Persicope and also send it by e-mail.

Export & save accounting data

Under "Administration -> Import/Export" you will now find the option "Accounting export":

The settings to be made are the same as those known from LEADING Job.
Once you have set the date limit and selected the records you want to export, click on the "Start export" button:

The export file will then appear at the bottom of the window (together with an information field indicating if and how many transactions have been exported).

This file can then be opened with a mouse click, or saved with a right click for further options, for example via copy & paste.

You can then import the accounting data into your accounting system as usual.

Send accounting data via e-mail

As an alternative to processing directly from Periscope, you can also change the system settings to send the file by e-mail.

To do this, set the system setting "Accounting: General' / 'Export type" from "1 = download" to "2 = email".

A second system setting ("Accounting: General / Export character set") determines the character set with which the file should be created:

  • 1 = UTF8

To be set if your accounting system supports Unicode

  • 2 = WE8MSWin1252

To be set if you need the Western European character set

  • 3 = EE8MSWin1250

To be set if you need the Eastern European character set 

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3. MFA function now also for the user "Administrator"

You use multi-factor authentication for your employees, but you also want to switch the user "Administrator" to this function?

We can now activate this new function for you.

If you wish to do so, please send us a list of the e-mail addresses of all employees in your company who are eligible for this login (Administrator) to job.support@qualiant.at

If this list has been imported into the system by us, an additional field appears for these employees (and only these) after entering the password. In this field you fill in your e-mail. After a click on "Log in" you will receive a validation token by e-mail:

Please copy the token from the e-mail into the field provided for this purpose and click on "Login" again:

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Contact LEADING Job Support

Do you have questions about the current Release Note? You have discovered a problem with the current version? Talk to us! Here is your direct line to LEADING Job Support:

+43 1 503 6644



This document is a non-binding customer information. There can be no warranties or commitments derived from this Release Note.
The contained topics represent the status quo of Qualiant Software at the date of publication. Modifications and additions at a later date are possible.
The content of this release note may not be understood as a part of the licensing agreement. Qualiant Software assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness of this release note.

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