LEADING Job Release Note 20.10

Have you already discovered the four new features of LEADING Job? Here you can find out which features we added or updated in November 2020.

In Periscope, the web application of LEADING Job, each update only takes place after prior consultation with the customer. You can test the new features first in your test database.

Master data / Periscope

1. Alternative invoice recipients now in Periscope

Having clients and suppliers in Periscope is great, but without alternative invoice recipients, that's only half the story?

Correct. Therefore, as a logical next step, we have now made the alternative invoice recipients available in Periscope.

These can now be created and edited in Periscope as well known from the already available master data modules:

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Client invoice drafts / Periscope

2. Display of client invoice drafts after "Go to"

After creating a client invoice draft and directly using the "Go to draft invoices" link, would you like to see only what you have just created?

We understand this, and therefore from now on we will use an auto-filter for the display after a direct click on the link:

After switching to the now merged module for client invoice drafts and client invoices, from now on you will only see the client invoice drafts you have just created.

Client invoices, cancellations and credit notes are automatically hidden. 

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Client invoices / Periscope

3. New settings of the checkboxes for sending SI and CI documents

When sending a client invoice, do you actually always want to send the scans of the supplier invoices with it?
You find it annoying to have to check the corresponding checkbox every time?

From now on Periscope remembers at all places (final print of CI, header data of CI draft, sending client invoices as mail to clients or internally to colleagues) always the last settings you made at these two checkboxes:


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Export of e-invoices

 4. New format "XRechnung" available for e-invoicing in Germany

For electronic invoice export and dispatch in Germany, the new format "XRechnung" has been integrated, which is intended for the dispatch of invoices in XML format to federal and state governments and public authorities.

For more detailed information about the requirements, or the activation and use of the new e-invoice format "XRechnung", please contact job.support@qualiant.at


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Contact LEADING Job Support

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